About Us

portrait of Mike and Molly

We're wannabe DIY superheros with a proclivity for hoarding and a flair for thrift. We love to tinker on our spread just outside of Santa Fe, NM.

Mouse In Our House

Mouse In Our House

Every fall the mice invade our house looking for a nice place to spend the winter. One of our cats 'helps out' by bring them in....alive!

How to Make the Ugliest Best Tasting Vanilla Cupcake

How to Make the Ugliest Best Tasting Vanilla Cupcake

Yum! Yum! This one is uber delicious even if it did get hit by the ugly stick.


Zucchini, betcha can't grow just one. What to do with this most prolific of summer producers? We've got some surprising answers inside!

The Yurt

We'd been in a yurt once for 15 minutes. Now we're surrounded by a truckload of yurt parts and a set of xeroxed instructions. Yurt building day was a bit rocky.

How to Make Liquid Castile Soap

How to Make Liquid Castille Soap

You mean you too have an aversion to bar soap? Molly's glad to hear she's not alone! (Mike claims it's a neurosis of hers)

Kids on Carolina-feature

Middle Class Girl

No matter what my money situation has been I walk through the world as a middle class girl. It was my identity even when I did not know it was.