Round em’ Up Folks- 9/23

Here’s what we’ve been reading, listening too and playing with this week:

Molly:  You know I just can’t help but love a great chicken story!


Mike:  We’re both jealous of this woman’s art…Check out her amazing birds.


Molly:  Mike, what about your new ‘girlfriend’?

Mike:  WHAT?!

Molly: Ya know!

Mike:  Oh, Tara…she’s so snarky and funny!  Come on, Honey! You like the way she twitters.  Admit it. » » »

Twit, Tweet and Twitter

We had never twittered before last week.  In fact, we’ve avoided it, looking at it as one more chore.  Last Monday when we started this blog there was no twitter button to be found…

twitter birds

Boy did we get a rashing!  Molly’s blogging cohort Sandy emailed us that we had to get on board.  A friend texted us that if we were going to do this thing right we must start twittering.  Even our technologicaly challenged friend Cynthia (are we being too harsh Cynthia?) mentioned in passing that she was going to start twittering.  She had read on Kludgy Mom that we need to look at it as dropping in at a cocktail party. » » »