Ocean Deck

While we were visiting family in San Diego over Christmas we did what we typically do when we visit family…build something.  It’s actually quite fun and cheap entertainment for us (not so cheap for the family member buying all the materials 😕 ).  The weather was absolutely glorious so when Mike’s dad, Grandpa Craig, asked if we would build them a deck we didn’t hesitate to say yes. » » »

Get Me Outta Here!

We’ve packed her into the dog carrier and are on our way to San Diego.  First stop… Phoenix!  The Blind Chicken is  oh! SO eXcITed!!

The Blind Chicken has had enough!

We’re going to take a few days off from posting.  See ya’ next week!

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Round em’ Up Folks- 9/23

Here’s what we’ve been reading, listening too and playing with this week:

Molly:  You know I just can’t help but love a great chicken story!


Mike:  We’re both jealous of this woman’s art…Check out her amazing birds.


Molly:  Mike, what about your new ‘girlfriend’?

Mike:  WHAT?!

Molly: Ya know!

Mike:  Oh, Tara…she’s so snarky and funny!  Come on, Honey! You like the way she twitters.  Admit it. » » »