Creamy Pumpkin Soup

This is not any ordinary pumpkin soup, this is the best most spectacular pumpkin soup.  I was (am -Mike) a particular eater.  I blame it on my strange relationship to smells.  If food smells ‘off’ I won’t go near it.  Mike knows if he wants to introduce  a new food to me he needs to describe it to me.  Because on the other hand I am a sucker when it comes to great ‘sounding’ food!

Any-hoo!  On my weekly hike with my girlfriend Juliette she often describes her lastest experiments in the kitchen.  When she described this pumpkin soup I kept after her for the recipe.  She would get to describing the Parmesean croutons with ground hazelnuts floating on top of the soup and I was a goner.  She has that lilting Aussie accent with a bit of a sing-song to her voice that makes every thing sound better coming out of her mouth.  She could describe poop and make it sound good.

Juliette is a ‘dash here, sprinkle there’ kind of girl (something I do not understand in the least!) so she would repeat the recipe and then tell me to have Mike make it for me. » » »

Making Great Chicken Stock

Since we started raising meat chickens a couple years ago I’ve been roasting whole chickens on a regular basis.  At first I was just throwing the leftover bones away but I quickly realized that I needed to learn how to make chicken stock.  I had tried it once or twice before but it seemed like too big of an ordeal to bother with.  Once I had a steady supply of chicken bones and other leftovers it only made sense to use them.

Now I’m a complete convert.

Great chicken stock is the base for great cooking.  It’s as simple as that. » » »