How To Make An Apron (Reversible!)

I enjoy sewing.

I enjoy making little drawings.

………………………..THE PATTERN…………………………

Apron pattern » » »

Softie Owl

My softie owl

I know, isn’t it adorable! » » »

DIY Table Runners

sewing materials

I like a sewing project that I can do in under an hour.  It’s kind of my gauge for what projects I want to do or not.  I also like to batch projects.  For example, I have this great wrap dress I’ve designed that I can knock out in about 45 minutes.  I like to make three at a time.  I’ll cut them all out and sew them up in assembly line fashion.  Recently I did this for some table runners.

Table runners are a great ‘Molly’ project.  They are as simple as can be or as fancy as you have time for. » » »

How To Make Re-usable Bags

Mike and I love to make these bags for gifts and…let’s just be honest…we have about a dozen of our very own!

Mike and Molly's re-usable bags

Here’s how to make re-usable bags: » » »

Crafty Round Up 11/4

Mike:  This week Molly pulled out three sewing machines (I know- who owns three sewing machines?), several tubs of fabric and threw together a sewing class for a few of her friends.  Neither one of us has sewn much in the last year so it was fun to watch her in her element.  I came out to watch and within minutes she had me helping out!  Come on, honey!  I just wanted to visit with the ladies!

Molly:  It was super fun!  We’re making aprons.  I’ll post the instructions in a few weeks so that our readers can make their own fancy apron.

The Queen of all the sewing machines

Mike:  Since the crafty energy is pulsing through our house we thought it would be a good week to share some crafty links. » » »

My Sewing Machine is a Wormhole into Another Dimension

Today we are participating in First Gen American’s Coffee Talk writer’s challenge.  The challenge today is to use a household item as a metaphor in a blog post that teaches a life or personal finance lesson.  Note that this is a post from Molly’s perspective but written by Mike.

Molly's fabrics swatches

When I (Molly) start a project it typically begins with this thought:  “I’m going to save so much money by making this- new set of curtains, seasonally appropriate bedspread, little black dress… rather than buying it at the store.”  Picture me receiving a gold start for my thrifty ways.

I start out with the best intentions. » » »