2nd Annual Kitchen Garden and Coop Tour


Does your town have a chicken coop tour?  I love that they are becoming all the rage.  People are embracing the idea of backyard chickendry as the norm rather than something their eccentric neighbor does.  My friend Doug  just emailed us this article on how the crazy nutty folks in Davis, CA do their coop tour.

This Sunday, July 29th from 9am-2pm Homegrown New Mexico and Edible Santa Fe are presenting this year’s event showcasing seven gardens and coops.  It’s not too late to check out these exceptional properties and get some inspiration.  You can just show up and buy tickets on the spot.  All proceeds go to keeping Homegrown New Mexico’s classes free!   Last year we were out of town and missed it, darn it (stamping feet) but this year we will be there.

What?  What’s that you asked?  Why aren’t we on the tour? Well, we live outside of Santa Fe city limits.  We’d be the firefly ship on the outerboundries.  We are helping out as the camera crew though so we hope to see your smiling faces along the tour!

Does your town have a coop tour?  I’d love to hear about it!!  If you do have one link it in the comments or email us.


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Papercrete Greenhouse Phase 4

Last weekend we held a papercrete making workshop. It was divided into two parts. The first half we cast some blocks and the second half we added to the walls we started last year.  The weather was perfect and we had a great time. About 10 people showed up.

Mike: I had no idea how many people we would have, whether it would be 5 or 55…

Molly: 10 was a great amount.  Not so many we were overwhelmed and not so few that we felt like the workshop had no draw.

I have to admit there was a Tom Sawyer aspect to this class.  It worked out quite well.  Everyone got to try stacking blocks while I kept them supplied with mortar and advice.  We got the rest of the walls completed in a couple hours!  The first half took us most of a day.

Molly: It felt great to make a big push on the greenhouse project.

Mike: What should we teach next?  How to cover a yurt roof?

Molly: YUP!!!! » » »

Baking Contest

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Hearth-n-Soul Blog Hop

About a month ago Molly’s girlfriend, Leslie, called to tell us about a baking contest that was going to be held at the farmer’s market.  It was sponsored by the Santa Fe Alliance as a way to promote local food production and the local economy.  A key part of the challenge was to use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.  Since we already shop from our backyard I figured it wouldn’t be too hard.

Eggs?- check
Honey?- check
Fresh fruit?- erm, well, not this year….

Surely we had something that could be teased into a confection?  Beets were floated as an option so was corn.  I had heard that the Crack pie at Momofuko was really good and for some reason Corn and Crack pie came to mind.  I don’t know, it just had a certain ring to it.  I had just harvested the last of our sweet corn.  I imagined little crunchy bits of caramelized corn encased in a sweet almost toffee filling.  I’d never had crack pie before but in my mind it was delicious. The contest was still 3 weeks off but as I rolled the recipe over in my head it just got better and better. » » »

New Mexico Chiles & A Giveaway!

The green chiles have arrived!

This post is part of the Hearth-n-Soul blog hop where you can find lots of other great recipes posted this week.

It’s that time of year when the streets all over New Mexico are fragrant with the aroma of roasting chile.  It’s something unique to our fair state.  You see, our main crop here (legally speaking) is chile peppers and come late summer all of the southern NM farmers fan out throughout the state to sell this delicious crop directly to the public.  They bring the chile harvest to us and roast it on the spot.  What service!! » » »

Community Gardening

Saturday we ventured into Santa Fe for the first annual tour of our seven local community gardens.   This event was a co-effort from the Santa Fe Community Gardens and Home Grown Santa Fe.  Amy from Home Grown Santa Fe is truly a force.  She has turned her hobby into a movement!  I know there were many people that made this happen but we have to do a super-duper shout out to Amy- she’s like Wonder Woman!!

It’s a great idea and it was a lot of fun; so much fun we only made it to four out of the seven gardens. » » »

Community Garden Tour This Weekend

This one is for all of our local folk.  The rest of you will just have to imagine…   Homegrown New Mexico and Santa Fe Community Gardens are co-hosting a community garden tour this Saturday.

We’re going.

Are you?

» » »

Burning Old Man Gloom

Here in Santa Fe we have a very unique way of kicking off our annual fiestas.  Half the town and a bunch of  tourists, about 20,000 – 30,000 people in all, gather onto a baseball field to watch a fifty foot marionette burn.  That’s what we do for fun in Santa Fe, we all get together to burn a giant puppet- BURN BABY!  BURN!!

Walking to Zozobra

» » »