Crispy Kale

Crispy kale chips seem to be spreading like a house-o-fire over the last year as a healthy tasty snack alternative.  At the grocery store a small bag goes for about $3!  As some of you have discovered it’s pretty durn easy to make and a heck of a lot cheaper than buying it at the store.

No matter the year we seem to have an over abundance of dark greens.  Mike can’t just plant one he plants many.  We end up eating mountains of the stuff, blanching more, and taking the extras to the food bank so it turns out to be a win-win.  This year is no different….

I head out to pick some kale.  Now this year I have two big change-up’s  for my crispy kale chips.  The first is to use ‘Dinosaur Kale’.

Dinosaur Kale from last years garden

Dinosaur kale from last year’s garden

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Creamy Pumpkin Soup

This is not any ordinary pumpkin soup, this is the best most spectacular pumpkin soup.  I was (am -Mike) a particular eater.  I blame it on my strange relationship to smells.  If food smells ‘off’ I won’t go near it.  Mike knows if he wants to introduce  a new food to me he needs to describe it to me.  Because on the other hand I am a sucker when it comes to great ‘sounding’ food!

Any-hoo!  On my weekly hike with my girlfriend Juliette she often describes her lastest experiments in the kitchen.  When she described this pumpkin soup I kept after her for the recipe.  She would get to describing the Parmesean croutons with ground hazelnuts floating on top of the soup and I was a goner.  She has that lilting Aussie accent with a bit of a sing-song to her voice that makes every thing sound better coming out of her mouth.  She could describe poop and make it sound good.

Juliette is a ‘dash here, sprinkle there’ kind of girl (something I do not understand in the least!) so she would repeat the recipe and then tell me to have Mike make it for me. » » »

St. Patrick’s Day and Hot Cocoa

Today we have Eileen from The Joy of Caking joining us.  She’s one of our favorite food bloggers and Molly’s been an avid follower of hers for several years.  (Could it be because she hooked Molly up with the genesis of the greatest Chocolate Chip Cookie eVeR recipe?)  After you read this go and check her out.  She does great stand-bys like her white cake recipe.  When she ventures into cooking she  makes yummy things like asparagus soup.

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and I although I’m not sure if I even have an ounce of Irish blood in my body I have always secretly wished I was Irish. » » »