Smothering Mother

My girls (13 & 13 1/2) are at a new developmental stage.  Womanhood is peeking in and yet they are still kids.   I wish for them to be helpful, kind, independent and assertive young women one day but I often wonder if I’m always the best example.  To circumvent my short-falls I enlist my close friends.  I hope that if the kids don’t feel comfortable about asking Mike or I about something they will go to someone I trust.  It’s just a theory and I’m banking my daughters futures on it.

Many years ago when they wanted to dress like me, and kiss me, and snuggle me.

Many years ago when they wanted to dress like me, and kiss me, and snuggle me.

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Teens & Toys

My friend Juliette calls us the  ‘Little House on the Prairie’ home.  I don’t think we are all that out there but I do realize most of our friends don’t have ‘butcher day’ at their house.  On the other side of the pendulum we (Mike and Pistol) love technology.  My Dad got Pistol started with her first desktop computer at the age of 2.  Yes, she had a nicer computer than me.  They both love to figure stuff out in their own ways on the computer while Dumpling and I put in our IT requests of what we would like. “More music on my iTunes, please.”

The girls are both 13yrs old now.  Gone to the wasteside (Editors note from Mike:  unintentional Mollyism) are dolls, scooters, bouncy balls and dress up (unless we are talking the occasional fashion show in my clothes!).  Nowadays they want clothing and technology.  They have whittled their desires down to the essentials.  For two years both girls got the newest iPod nanos (they were gifts).  Last year they both wanted iTouches.  I’m the parent who says, ‘Why do you need that?’  Mike, on the other hand, is a technology enabler.  I’m outnumbered.  What they ended up doing this time was rather clever.  With the help of Mike (I’m yelling in the background, ’11 and 12 year old children don’t need iTouches!’) (Editors note from Mike: No she wasn’t, she was squealing with 8 other ladies in the living room because she was hosting “trashy book club” night.) they sold their iPods online and then bought refurbished iTouches, again, online.  They used some of their savings to make up the difference between their sales revenue and the cost of the iTouches. » » »

What’s for Dinner?

Mike had to go out of town last week for a few days.  Dumpling was at her mom’s house so this left Pistol and I to our own devices.  Pistol loves to spend a little one on one time with me but she’s not sure its worth sacrificing dinner over it.  Years ago when Mike was out on a work trip and we were sitting around eating a nice plate of crackers and cheese for dinner (and wine) she spouted out, “Mom, what would we do if Michael wasn’t with us?!  Crackers and cheese is not dinner!”  I believe that if she had her own glass of wine she might not jump to that conclusion so quickly but that’s just me.  Mike left on Sunday and within a few hours she wanted to know if we would be eating at my parents house… » » »

Vacation Dreamin’

I wrote this about two months ago while we were on vacation.  

It’s a record-breaking 102 degrees here in Philadelphia.  Michael and the kids went off to the Jersey shore with friends.  I stayed behind so they could take the smaller car that has air-conditioning.  Really I’m just not a beach kinda girl.  Also, I mistakenly brought a bathing suit that sags in my bum area- after spending yesterday afternoon on the river the kids are so over witnessing my saggin’ sack.   » » »

Blended House

Mike and I are unique among our friends for a few reasons (and not just cause we build stuff out of papercrete and use baking soda for just about everything).  Most of our friends don’t have a ‘blended’ family.  Most don’t have step-kids.  At our house every other weekend our kids go off to the other parent’s or grandparent’s house.  We have Dumpling 1/2 time and Pistol is with us all the time except for certain holidays.  In the summer Pistol goes off to her Dad’s house in CA for at least 6 weeks and Dumpling is away for 3 weeks between overnight camp and vacationing with her Mom and Step-Dad.  I’m pretty used to being away from the kids for more than a week although it can make still make me weepy 🙁  . » » »