Re-vamped Studio- Part II

We have four outbuildings that serve as storage and workspaces.  One started life as a carport/privacy screen from the neighbors and later turned into a full fledged building.  We call it the garage though there are no cars in it.  It does double duty as Molly’s fabric/project storage and a small shop for Mike.

Another building started life as a shed for a biodeisel plant Mike was going to build but ended up becoming the home for the CNC machine instead.  Recently the CNC machine moved down the road to his inventor’s club co-founder and buddy Rick’s house.  With it gone we decided to rethink the outbuildings.

Currently Molly does most of her projects in the living room.

Molly:  It’s not a terrible situation but if I only have an hour to work on something it’s tough to get it all pulled out just to pack it back up again.

Mike:  We’ve decided to have his-n-her’s studios.  Molly will take over the old CNC shop and move her stuff out of the garage.  I’ll reconfigure the garage to make it into my workshop. » » »

Re-vamped Studio

We like to brag about our double wide.  How great it is that we only need 1,100 sq ft in which to live our lives.  We are so high and mighty about how we don’t need all that space and anyways who really wants to clean all those extra bathrooms?

But our dirty little secret is that we have more square footage in our outbuildings than we have in our house.  We sprinkle hints here and there that we have hoarding tendencies which we will go into further at some point…maybe.  For now we’ll leave that tucked away in one of our ‘buildings’.

Juliette (Molly’s friend): No, I think one can tell when they walk in your front door.  You have lots of ‘things’.  Things you use but lots of things, piled.  Neat piles, but piles.

Molly:  Really Juliette?

Juliette:  I benefit from all your piles.  When we come over there’s always plenty to play with! » » »