Lame Marriage Proposals (yes plural)

This story was inspired after reading Lori Dyans post on getting engaged to her husband.  If you don’t read her already go check her out.  She is a LAUGH-A-RIOT!

I’ve been around the block once or twice or probably maybe a third or fourth time-but who’s really counting, and yes,  Mom and Dad you did not hear that from me.  I just finished up the 50 Shades of Grey series (stop laughing!!! I love good soft mommy-porn!) and ever since I started the first book I can’t stop thinking about my romantic life from the age of 19- 25 yrs old….When I think of it in one entire lump I realize what a mess it (I) was.  I was not the prettiest girl but I excelled at personality and I could (Mike: can) flirt like nobodies business.  It’s like a gift from the ‘not the prettiest’ goddess from above.  The end result was I had options…I went out with a string of men guys boys. » » »