How To Make An Apron (Reversible!)

I enjoy sewing.

I enjoy making little drawings.

………………………..THE PATTERN…………………………

Apron pattern » » »

How To Make Truffles

'Heart' by Dumpling

It’s not all black clouds and Eeyore-like over here.  Mike and I are pulling ourselves off of our niche internet keyword researching to have a little fun.  I start thinking about Valentine’s Day the week after Christmas!  I KNoW!  CrAZy, huh?!

I’m so crazy about Valentine’s Day we will be having a GIVEAWAY!  See the bottom of the post for details… » » »

Softie Owl

My softie owl

I know, isn’t it adorable! » » »

Veggie Seed Saving

It’s that time of year when we pull out the seeds and start some indoor gardening.  Even though we have snow on the ground and currently falling we have to start preparing our garden.

Currently our back garden

Wintertime in our back garden

When we (Mike) expanded our vegetable garden to 460 sq ft last year our intention was two-fold: 1) grow food so we knew where it came from 2) cut back on our grocery expenses.  The issue with the latter is that yes, we can spend less at the grocery store but we can easily see that savings go right into growing our own food.  Over the next few weeks we will share some ways we’ve been learning to keep our costs down.  It takes a little forethought- last year we learned so much we can’t wait to start this year’s garden. » » »

Ravioli Daze

Last spring I got into making ravioli.  After the the first session of cutting them out by hand a ravioli press sounded really really good.

» » »

Lemon Cupcakes

Today’s post is dedicated to Marla.  Marla is Niki’s (from Debt Free by Thirty) new Kitchen Aid mixer.  Here’s to some real good mixin’ girlfriend!!  

Stay tuned to the end of this post to find out who our giveaway winner is from last week!!

A few weeks back it was Pistol’s birthday.  Now we  have two 13 year olds in the home-YIKES!

Mike:  Talking about that one is about six posts worth of content.

She asked for a lemon cake with a whipped cream cheese icing for her birthday cake.

Molly: Yummy!  How did you get her steered onto the lemon flavor?

Mike:  Even though she’s a picky eater sometimes she responds to novelty.  I just took a shot and threw it out there. 

Molly:  Genius sweetie! » » »

How To Make Re-usable Bags

Mike and I love to make these bags for gifts and…let’s just be honest…we have about a dozen of our very own!

Mike and Molly's re-usable bags

Here’s how to make re-usable bags: » » »

Snowflake Coasters


After making the gear coasters I decided I’d better get into the holiday spirit and the snowflake coasters were born. » » »

Molly’s Merry Martini

I may not be a Bond Girl but I sure can drink like one.  OK, that’s really not true.  I can’t drink more than a glass of wine or one margarita without feeling like a truck hit me the next day. With my Scott-Irish genetics you would think I’d be a better performer in the drinking arena.  I really love the taste of most alcohol and have a dream that one day I could drink like a fish without its ramifications.  Thanksgiving signals the start of martini season for me; a particular type of martini that screams holiday goodness.  It’s a recipe that I found online years ago called the Mayflower martini.  I’ve tweeked it for my own needs and taste.  I also renamed it:  Molly’s Merry Martini. » » »

Duck Prosciutto

Duck Prosciutto….

It just sounds delicious doesn’t it?

It is

You can make it

It’s easy

Here’s how:

Get two duck breasts.  In my case that involved buying ducklings in the spring and raising them all summer.  You might want to just go to the store.  It’s OK, I understand. » » »