How To Make Re-usable Bags

Mike and I love to make these bags for gifts and…let’s just be honest…we have about a dozen of our very own!

Mike and Molly's re-usable bags

Here’s how to make re-usable bags: » » »

Snowflake Coasters


After making the gear coasters I decided I’d better get into the holiday spirit and the snowflake coasters were born. » » »

Grooming the Dogs

A few years ago Mike and I were cutting our expenses back and deciding what was a want and what was a need.  One particular expense line item we got stuck on was:

Dog grooming -$100 every three months.

$400 dollars a year to keep our two pups pretty and trimmed (or at least not completely mangey and dreadlocked).  We really wanted every dime possible to go towards paying off our debt but both of us hated to groom the dogs…and they didn’t care for us to do it to them either.  Having someone else groom them was not a need but we really really wanted it to be.

Mike and I split most of the chores around here.  We’ve been lucky that the things he doesn’t like to do I don’t mind doing and vice versa.  Dog grooming was something neither one of us enjoyed.  There was no flipping the coin on this one either because it takes two people to accomplish this task.  Now for those of you trying to solve our problem as you read this (cause that’s what I’d be doing).  You’re probably thinking: ‘Duh, don’t groom them’,… it’s not an option.  Both of our dogs have hair not fur.  Their hair grows like humans…it doesn’t stop. » » »

Makin’ Mayo

We have the results from last week’s GIVEAWAY!  Thank you to everyone who participated.  We picked our winners using  

Congratulations to Chippygee and Average Joe!  You both win a dozen chocolate chip cookies from Momocakes (vegan and gluten free, of course!).  

Also a huge hug and a ginormous thank you to Leslie from Momocakes for being our sponsor!


Making mayonnaise is simple and fast. The results are so worth it too. You’ll be surprised how tasty homemade mayonnaise is compared to store bought. Once I started making it I never looked back. There’s no actual cooking, you’re just making an emulsion of egg yolk and oil. There’s a lot of whisking involved so I like to get the girls to help me… » » »

Cleaning the House-Homemade Stylin’

About two years ago I  started making my own laundry soap.  At the time I also stopped purchasing commercially made cleaning products and started making my own.   There were two reasons:

1) It’s cheaper

2) I wanted less ‘stuff’ in my laundry closet.

We don’t have much storage space in our house.  To get into the laundry/cleaning closet you have to wedge past coats and reach into the nether-lands for a cleaning product because it’s also the coat closet.  Over the  years I’ve organized it and reorganized it but it came down to- I needed fewer cleaning products.

Cleaning the house is a family activity 🙂  We all love it!  Every other Sunday(yes, we wait that long), we rock some weird French pop station from the internet and get our house cleaning on! » » »

Round Up 11/11 Frugal, Financial and FuN-kY

Molly’s newest fave blog is Impluse Save.  They have a great animation video with pigs, turkeys and gold coins.

Molly: I’m in the midst of my own animation and this one inspired me!

Turkey Talks from ImpulseSave on Vimeo.

Molly: They have a writing contest going.  The winner gets a $500- 10 post contract.  Any takers? » » »

Here Duckie Duckie

This may sound harsh but we’ve got to be honest.  Personality gets you far on our spread.

Case in point- we have two cats.  The younger one is obnoxious.  She gets into your lap and then starts biting you.  Not cute little nibbles, big fierce wildcat bites.

Molly: When you come into our home and mention what a pretty cat she is I will ask you if you want to take her home…. I’m not joking! 😕 .  

Then there’s the chickens.   The meat chickens do not have winning personalities.  They are an not endearing breed.  They were bread to eat, sleep and grow muscle.   They don’t clean themselves, they climb over each other in a mad scramble to get at their food and do stupid things like get stuck upside down. » » »

Why I should be crowned ‘Queen of Baking Soda’

baking soda queen (aka BS Queen)

Dear Arm & Hammer,

You are baking soda.  I know of no other.  A household name and so well respected, your baking soda is a miracle.  No, really, I’m not exaggerating.  You improve my life every day!

How can I count the ways?



bathroom scrubber

oven cleaner » » »

A Bike for Mike

I got a bike last week.

Only the front brake works.

It has exactly five gears.

I don’t own it.

Man it’s heavy

Mike's Bike

When I get on it I’m nine years old riding up the big hill and I’ve got a sandwich for later.

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A Party of Pies

This post is part of the  Hearth-n-Soul blog hop. Click on the badge to see all the other participants for this week’s blog hop!

Hearth-n-Soul Blog HopWe love our pie!  We told you about the local baking contest last week, the pie trivet making yesterday and now the grande finale:  THE PIE PARTY!

Yep, one more birthday push (the last one, we promise!).  Every year Mike’s Dad (Craig) and Step-mom come to visit for our birthday – you see, it’s Grandpa Craig’s birthday the same week as ours.   This past Saturday we held our annual combined birthday party.   Last year we switched to a new theme for our party- A pie party! » » »