Noodle House

While we were in San Diego last week we trotted up to LA for the day to do what else, EAT!  We were headed for lunch with Molly’s cousins and aunt which made it all the better.  In the past we have had marathon cooking/eating sessions with cousin Corey and his girlfriend Terumi who live in LA.  ( He has a blog dedicated to getting Spinal Tap inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame and she blogs about food)  We knew we didn’t have time for a big cooking session so we asked them to pick out an interesting restaurant.  They picked a noodle house called Malan Noodles.

Molly:  Don’t forget to mention there was a sauna house next door, ‘Joy Sauna’!

Mike:  Molly fantazises about opening her own sauna house.  I thought she was going to have a cow when we pulled up to the restuarant and saw it was next door to a sauna house.

Molly:  One day…..I will have a sauna house….or at the very least my own… very own… sauna.

Mike: Yeah, and you can charge people to use it. » » »


This summer we went to the East Coast to visit family for a couple of weeks.  It had been two years since our last visit so we tried to pack in as much adventure as possible.  We went to DC Cupcakes, the Delaware river, the Jersey shore, the public swimming pool in Central Park and Momofuku’s Noodle Bar.

We love to eat and Mike loves to cook.  We’ve been vicariously following David Chang’s (owner of the Momofuku empire) career through the New Yorker and his cookbook.  When some friends heard we were going to New York City they surprised us with a gift certificate to any of the Momofuku restaurants!

Molly:  I squealed like a little girl when they gave us this oh so amazing gift!  I think I scared them a bit…

Mike:  Honey, don’t worry, it’s my job to walk behind you and assure people you aren’t harmful. » » »