Molly, The Tattooed Lady

Warning: There are pictures of Molly’s belly and a little bit of her ass-cheek.  If you feel funny, weird or uncomfortable about seeing that sort of thing we suggest you skip this post!

One day about 20 years ago I decided to get a tattoo.  I’ve always wanted to get a giant sunflower done on my armpit.  The center of the flower would be the actual armpit with the stalk going all the way down my side.  I couldn’t see going through that much discomfort for this glorious design so it just sat in my head for years…and years.

Last March I decided that 2011 was the year for the tattoo.  I ended up deciding on a departure from the sunflower in the armpit theme (I opted for a bunch of flowers winding up my side instead) and went to Dawn, the greatest tattoo artist EVER.  There was only one problem…she was booked all through 2011.  What did I care? I had already waited over 20 years.  What was 9 more months?  2012 is the year of the tattoo! » » »