Duck Prosciutto

Duck Prosciutto….

It just sounds delicious doesn’t it?

It is

You can make it

It’s easy

Here’s how:

Get two duck breasts.  In my case that involved buying ducklings in the spring and raising them all summer.  You might want to just go to the store.  It’s OK, I understand. » » »

Makin’ Mayo

We have the results from last week’s GIVEAWAY!  Thank you to everyone who participated.  We picked our winners using  

Congratulations to Chippygee and Average Joe!  You both win a dozen chocolate chip cookies from Momocakes (vegan and gluten free, of course!).  

Also a huge hug and a ginormous thank you to Leslie from Momocakes for being our sponsor!


Making mayonnaise is simple and fast. The results are so worth it too. You’ll be surprised how tasty homemade mayonnaise is compared to store bought. Once I started making it I never looked back. There’s no actual cooking, you’re just making an emulsion of egg yolk and oil. There’s a lot of whisking involved so I like to get the girls to help me… » » »

Making Great Chicken Stock

Since we started raising meat chickens a couple years ago I’ve been roasting whole chickens on a regular basis.  At first I was just throwing the leftover bones away but I quickly realized that I needed to learn how to make chicken stock.  I had tried it once or twice before but it seemed like too big of an ordeal to bother with.  Once I had a steady supply of chicken bones and other leftovers it only made sense to use them.

Now I’m a complete convert.

Great chicken stock is the base for great cooking.  It’s as simple as that. » » »

A Party of Pies

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Hearth-n-Soul Blog HopWe love our pie!  We told you about the local baking contest last week, the pie trivet making yesterday and now the grande finale:  THE PIE PARTY!

Yep, one more birthday push (the last one, we promise!).  Every year Mike’s Dad (Craig) and Step-mom come to visit for our birthday – you see, it’s Grandpa Craig’s birthday the same week as ours.   This past Saturday we held our annual combined birthday party.   Last year we switched to a new theme for our party- A pie party! » » »

Baking Contest

This post is part of the  Hearth-n-Soul blog hop. Click on the badge to see all the other participants for this week’s blog hop!

Hearth-n-Soul Blog Hop

About a month ago Molly’s girlfriend, Leslie, called to tell us about a baking contest that was going to be held at the farmer’s market.  It was sponsored by the Santa Fe Alliance as a way to promote local food production and the local economy.  A key part of the challenge was to use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.  Since we already shop from our backyard I figured it wouldn’t be too hard.

Eggs?- check
Honey?- check
Fresh fruit?- erm, well, not this year….

Surely we had something that could be teased into a confection?  Beets were floated as an option so was corn.  I had heard that the Crack pie at Momofuko was really good and for some reason Corn and Crack pie came to mind.  I don’t know, it just had a certain ring to it.  I had just harvested the last of our sweet corn.  I imagined little crunchy bits of caramelized corn encased in a sweet almost toffee filling.  I’d never had crack pie before but in my mind it was delicious. The contest was still 3 weeks off but as I rolled the recipe over in my head it just got better and better. » » »

What’s for Dinner?

Mike had to go out of town last week for a few days.  Dumpling was at her mom’s house so this left Pistol and I to our own devices.  Pistol loves to spend a little one on one time with me but she’s not sure its worth sacrificing dinner over it.  Years ago when Mike was out on a work trip and we were sitting around eating a nice plate of crackers and cheese for dinner (and wine) she spouted out, “Mom, what would we do if Michael wasn’t with us?!  Crackers and cheese is not dinner!”  I believe that if she had her own glass of wine she might not jump to that conclusion so quickly but that’s just me.  Mike left on Sunday and within a few hours she wanted to know if we would be eating at my parents house… » » »

Fresh-n-Tasty Veggies in the Winter

This is post is part of the Hearth-n-Soul blog hop.  Their mission is ‘about food from your hearth, made for your soul. Food that follows your intuition. Preparing food from scratch to nourish your family…body, mind AND soul! Food made with your own hands…infused with energy and passion and intent. Real food made by real people to feed real families (big and small, in blood or spirit). Ingredients from scratch, be it something grown in your garden or raised on your land…food foraged in the field or woods…food from local farms, farmers, or farmers markets…or even ingredients chosen by you from your local market that will be turned into something that feeds your soul. Tapping the food memory that each of us has stored inside; letting it guide and influence our own time in the kitchen.’  It’s definitely something Mike and I can get behind!  Don’t forget to check out the other participants! » » »