Jasmine Chicken Stir Fry

Dinner, it just keeps coming up…  We (Mike) cook (pretty much) every night.  It can be tough to come up with something nutritious and fast each evening.  One of our standbys is stir fry.

Mike: The best part is that no matter what you have in the fridge you can always work it together into a stir fry.

Molly:  Who doesn’t love stir fry?  Especially on jasmine rice!

Mike: That’s right!  Because it wouldn’t be Jasmine Chicken Stir Fry if it wasn’t on jasmine rice..  Seriously though, jasmine rice is a great rice to serve with stir fry.  It’s a long grain, aromatic rice originally from Thailand.  If you haven’t tried it you should.

This recipe is just based on what happened to be on hand tonight. » » »

‘The’ Chocolate Cupcake of Chocolate Cupcakes

I think one thing I make clear around here is that I am a lover of  baked goods.  My second love is chocolate.  That said, I don’t eat cake all that much. It’s a little to heavy for me so I hold eating cake to special occassions.  I’m a cake snob; I will pass over a cheap grocery store sheet cake at a graduation event.  I do this with ice cream too.

Mike: Not me, I can’t help it.  Even when I know it will be bad I’m still lining up for a piece of crappy cake.  It’s been happening a lot lately as we reach the end of the school year.

I love making cupcakes.  They are just a small piece of cake.  I can make a batch and toss them in the freezer (yes, icing and all) and have one when I get a hankering.  My all time favorite cupcake is this recipe I came across in America’s Test Kitchen years ago and have been tinkering with ever since.  The cake is moist and doesn’t crumble.  When you take a bite the frosting is light and fluffy then suddenly you discover a dense chocolaty surprise of a spot of ganache in the middle.  You don’t eat this cupcake, you experience it!

A chocola-tie experience!

A chocola-tie experience!

» » »

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

This is not any ordinary pumpkin soup, this is the best most spectacular pumpkin soup.  I was (am -Mike) a particular eater.  I blame it on my strange relationship to smells.  If food smells ‘off’ I won’t go near it.  Mike knows if he wants to introduce  a new food to me he needs to describe it to me.  Because on the other hand I am a sucker when it comes to great ‘sounding’ food!

Any-hoo!  On my weekly hike with my girlfriend Juliette she often describes her lastest experiments in the kitchen.  When she described this pumpkin soup I kept after her for the recipe.  She would get to describing the Parmesean croutons with ground hazelnuts floating on top of the soup and I was a goner.  She has that lilting Aussie accent with a bit of a sing-song to her voice that makes every thing sound better coming out of her mouth.  She could describe poop and make it sound good.

Juliette is a ‘dash here, sprinkle there’ kind of girl (something I do not understand in the least!) so she would repeat the recipe and then tell me to have Mike make it for me. » » »

Homemade Sausage Stuffer

sausage and stuffer

Making sausage is easy and delicious.  Making it yourself comes with all the advantages of any homemade food.  You know what’s going in to it (what do you think goes into industrial sausage?) and you can adjust the flavors to your taste.  It’s also relatively inexpensive even with high quality ingredients.  All you need to make sausage is meat, fat, spices and a knife.  That’s all anyone needed for centuries.  Everything else makes it more convenient but isn’t necessary.

A meat grinder will definitely make your life easier.  I use an attachment that goes on the front of our Kitchenaid mixer.  You can also get an inexpensive hand cranked one that does the job just fine. » » »

How to Make Steamed Buns

Steamed buns are delicious, Rea-LLy delicious.  When Molly’s cousin Corey and his girlfriend Terumi were out here this winter they showed us how to make steamed buns.  Molly’s sister Lise was visiting too and she got in on the action.  Molly shot a great video tutorial of Lise and Corey on how to make steamed buns.  We’ve got it down below after the recipes.  Don’t miss it.  It’s hilarious.

Bao in Hand » » »

How To Make Truffles

'Heart' by Dumpling

It’s not all black clouds and Eeyore-like over here.  Mike and I are pulling ourselves off of our niche internet keyword researching to have a little fun.  I start thinking about Valentine’s Day the week after Christmas!  I KNoW!  CrAZy, huh?!

I’m so crazy about Valentine’s Day we will be having a GIVEAWAY!  See the bottom of the post for details… » » »

Canning & Pickling

Having a large vegetable garden is great.  One problem that arises though is what to do with all that food.  It tends to come in all at once and as much as we love to eat our veggies we can’t eat them all.  We blanch and freeze our greens but who doesn’t love a shelf full of pickles?  Last week Mike shared his recipe for his scrumptious green tomato chutney.  You can freeze it but we chose to can it.  Today we will show you how to can the green tomato chutney and how to pickle cucumbers. » » »

Green Tomato Chutney

Up until two years ago I watched in angst as the first frost of fall hit and took out all our green tomatoes.  We just didn’t know what to do with them so we’d let them sit on the vine and die in the freeze.  To make things worse we could never get our tomatoes to start ripening until mid to late August.  The first freeze can be as early as October 15th.  There were always plenty of green tomatoes. » » »

Homemade Ravioli

Last week I showed you all how I made my own ravioli press.  Molly’s childhood friend requested we share how we made the lobster ravioli  for Pistol’s birthday.  It only made sense!

Ravioli are one of those foods that are much cheaper to make at home than to buy from the store.  Plus there is no substitute for fresh, so unless you live near an Italian market this is the way to go.

First, you must start with the dough:

Ravioli dough

Ravioli dough

Ravioli Daze

Last spring I got into making ravioli.  After the the first session of cutting them out by hand a ravioli press sounded really really good.

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