Battery Indicator = Charged

We said we’d be gone a couple weeks.  It’s been a month and we’re leaving on Thursday for a vacation.  Oh nuts!  We’d better put something up before y’all figure we’ve given up the ghost (at least bloggingly).

We're back!

Molly:Weeee’re BaAAAack Peeps!!

Mike: That’s right! We needed some time to get some perspective on what we’re doing here at Mike and Molly’s House in internetland but we’re back with a sackful of stuff to share with you guys.

We both really like what we’ve created and love the feedback we keep getting from the community of like minded people that we’ve discovered through blogging and going out into the world as “Mike and Molly”.  It truly has changed our lives for the better (much better… a heartfelt thanks everyone).  We’re also realizing that full time blogging as an income plan is probably not all that realistic.

Pistol & Dumpling (in unison): Told you so!

Mike & Molly: Dang it!

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Show and Tell @Mike and Molly’s House | The Future All Over Again

Last Friday one of our readers, Tina Phillips, shared an intriguing link on our facebook page.   It was about an experimental building method called spaceplates being developed by the Danish collective N55 that looks suspiciously like the future of building from the late 60’s.

Based on the research of the late Danish engineer Ture Wester, spaceplates are  a rigid, light weight modular building system.  Being a pure plate structure, there are no other structural members than thin plates, bent at all edges to achieve a simple, mechanical assembly method.  While the design and the production requires digital technology, the structure itself can be assembled using only hand tools. » » »

A Little Help From our Friends


show and tell post

Sometimes you’re cruising along through life and you see someone else doing something so appropriate that it makes you pause and rethink things.  I’m not talking about suddenly changing religions or switching from a carnivore to a vegan but more like you just got a gentle nudge that may send you off in an unexpected direction.

A big part of what Molly and I have been focusing on in the past couple years is really trying to shed our preconceptions of how one is supposed to live.  Exploring crazy ideas rather than shooting them down because they don’t match the templates for success that we hold them up to.  Doing our various challenges are ways we can buck our trends and pop out of some ruts we were so used to that we didn’t even see them anymore.  Embracing the uncertain because that’s where our rudders are guiding us. » » »

Round Up-Money & Style

Both of us love chocolate and only Andrew over at 101 Centavos could take that love and break down the investment strategies behind it.  Very good article…

Squirreler pipes up all about the  Girl Scout cookie.  His attitude about selling cookies in the workplace have changed now that his daughter is a Girl Scout- it’s very humorous.

Molly:  When I was a Girl Scout there was this one girl that sold the most cookies every year.  I hated her because her mom would sell them out of her beauty salon-she didn’t have to do any work!  While I trudged door to door this girl sat on her ass and did nothing!!

 Mike: We just sold light bulbs in the Boy Scouts.  Lots of trudging and you couldn’t even eat them. » » »

Feet To the Fire- November

With November behind us we’ve just wrapped up our 3rd month with ‘Mike and Molly’s House’.  That leaves us 3 more months to build the blog full time.  We do want to make some income from the blog so we are using this time to focus on building it up as fast as possible.  Come March we will need to bring in other income to cover our expenses so we don’t need to dip into our savings.  One thing that keeps us focused on our goal of creating income from our blog is to report on our goals.

Molly:  I’m well aware making a living as a blogger is a bit of a pipe dream.  It’s tough and only the very few make it.  But…I want to be one of them!!!!  I love writing, researching and coming up with projects for this blog.  I don’t want to have it as a side job I want it as the job!  I also can’t help feeling like I’ve been here before.  Trying to make it big as a dance choreographer and than later trying our hand in building spec houses.  Why can’t we pick something where we actually have a chance at making a living? (whine…)

Mike:  Hon, I think you’re feeling the stress because we’re at the half way point and we really feel the clock ticking.  On the other hand it does feel like we’ve been here before.  » » »

Feet to the Fire- October

We’ve just finished our second month at Mike and Molly’s House- WHOOT! WHOOT!  We’re starting to get our blog groove on and are enjoying it even more than we expected. Writing articles for the blog has become a motivator for us to go out into the world, discover new things and tell you all about it.

Molly:  We both tend to be homebodies.  Because we want to explore Santa Fe with new eyes it’s been a really cool experience to go out and document what’s out there.  We’ve met more new people in the last few months than our entire history in Santa Fe!

Mike: It seems like everywhere we turn there’s a new post waiting to happen.

Molly:  And to think we were worried about having enough content!  The challenge has become to find enough time to write a post.  I’m not complaining- we want to include everything; an interesting story, quality photos and let’s just throw in a video while we’re at it! » » »

Community Gardening

Saturday we ventured into Santa Fe for the first annual tour of our seven local community gardens.   This event was a co-effort from the Santa Fe Community Gardens and Home Grown Santa Fe.  Amy from Home Grown Santa Fe is truly a force.  She has turned her hobby into a movement!  I know there were many people that made this happen but we have to do a super-duper shout out to Amy- she’s like Wonder Woman!!

It’s a great idea and it was a lot of fun; so much fun we only made it to four out of the seven gardens. » » »

Community Garden Tour This Weekend

This one is for all of our local folk.  The rest of you will just have to imagine…   Homegrown New Mexico and Santa Fe Community Gardens are co-hosting a community garden tour this Saturday.

We’re going.

Are you?

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