Our New Bestie, Pinterest

Niki over at Debt Free by 30 always has great DIY suggestions.  Some are her own and some are from others.  She catalogues them in Pinterest.  Now I had heard her talk about Pinterest but I didn’t really know what it was.  After I learned about it I started seeing little Pinterest buttons everywhere.  Finally I ventured over to see what the big whoop was about.  It’s a bookmarking site for things you like.  It’s very visual so people’s bookmarks tend to lean towards great photos.

We are very visual people and love to save things (we have notebooks filled with drawings and magazine clippings) so an online bookmark collection of projects, ideas and other stuff is a great way for us to hoard without taking up physical space in our house.

How does it work?

You create ‘boards’ which are essentially categories.   You can name each board whatever you like.    Within each board you ‘pin’ links and pictures from web and blog sites you like. » » »