Blog Update- The 1st Six Months

We’ll be taking next week off.  Don’t miss us too much 🙁  We will be back with more stories and tales of growing and making stuff!  We have over 100 posts- take a looksie around- god knows what you might have missed!

We’ve been writing ‘Mike and Molly’s House’ for 6 months now.  When we launched our site back in September our goal was to make a blog that would become our full time job.  It was our new small business that combined everything we love to do (writing, making stuff, raising chickens and ducks, inventing new objects) in one spot.  We  knew our posts needed to be thoughtful, interesting and have high quality photos.  What we didn’t know was how to monetize the site.  That’s been a learning curve.  In November we were kicked out of Adsense which was the lowest hanging fruit of blog monetization.

Mike: Boo! no more low hanging fruit!….Stupid Adsense!

Molly: Shush your mouth!  What if they turn off our Gmail?…or erase all our GoogleDocs…or…or take us off Google?!!

Mike: (under his breath) Stupid Google giving everything away for free….fricken fricken frack…. » » »

Blog Update-January

We’ve been writing Mike and Molly’s House for 5 months now.  We skipped reporting on December- the month went a little faster than expected.  How does that happen?  We have continued to grow which is always exciting.


Posts:  20!  Our goal is to write at least 20 each month.

Visitors: 3,519-out of those 2,374 were ‘unique’ visitors (AKA- new readers)

December we had 3,199 visitors and 2,058 were unique


Since December 1st (yes this is over two months) all of you helped us to go from:

88  Facebook fans to 123!

154  Twitter followers to 197!

131 subscribers to 176! (email and RSS)

Our Alexa ranking went from  188,454 (and 29,961 in the US) to 161,915 (and 28,270 in the US)

Are we making money?  No.  Have we tried in the last two months?  No.

Molly:  CRYSTAL!!  HELP US!!

Mike:   Yikes!  That was a li-ttle screechy.  Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff  will be taking over our advertising.  She’s our gal now! » » »