The Bees: Where Did They Go?

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Two weeks ago Mike and I were down at my parents to check on our bees and feed them if they needed it.  We had them in Albuquerque because the winters are much milder than in Santa Fe.  After the winter of 2010 with its record breaking temperatures of -25 degrees we wanted to do everything we could to help them thrive.

Checking a comb

Checking a comb.

Surprise! When we opened the hives this year four of them were empty, not a trace of bees.  Apparently the bees had just flown away.  What had been the strongest hives still had several combs full of honey.  The fifth hive had a bee colony but they were all dead. » » »

The Benefits of a Beehive

A few weeks ago we gave you the low-down on why we started beekeeping.  We knew nothing about beekeeping when we decided to become beekeepers.  In the months before our first hives arrived we found ourselves pouring over every book on the subject we could find.  We also attended a day long workshop for beginning beekeepers.  One of the big surprises about keeping bees was the amazing assortment of things we could harvest from the beehive besides honey.  We’ve done a brief overview; if you’d like to go more in depth, click on the heading of each title.


Benefits of the Beehive

Honey from our first year

 The taste of honey will differ depending on the time of year and what type of nectar the bees are bringing in. It’s a simple sugar (glucose and frutose) that contains enzymes and antioxidants.

Mike: Did you know honey is actually bee vomit?

Molly: Yeah, thanks for reminding me.  Technically it is but they have a special stomach just for honey making.   I have a spoonful every morning and cleanse my face with honey.  It’s a humectant and has antibacterial qualities. My skin has never been more balanced or healthy since I started using it a year ago.  Before I started using it I was having redness and dry skin.  I was spending more and more money on products that were organic and expensive but none of it helped. » » »

Adventures in Beekeeping

Combed Honey

Two years ago we decided to become beekeepers.

Molly:  I think I came home from work one night after talking to some women who wanted to start keeping bees and said wouldn’t it be fun if…

Mike:  and I ran with it? » » »