Round-em Up- 9/30 Freaky Tomato

Freaky Tomato

Mike: I thought I had a Jesus tomato there for a second but it’s just a Pinocchio tomato.

Molly: That’s one freaky tomato!


Squirreler had one of his Squirreler Goes Wild Posts.  They tend to verge on the bizarre.  Don’t stop on this one, you must go back and read his past 28 posts in this category.


Molly:  I’ve had time to catch up on Planet Money.  Back in June they made a great case for pre-school.  I love it when they get economists involved with politically charged ideas!  Where should the money go?!  Why should the money go there?!  Why should we spend any money?! » » »

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mike’s the cook around here.  I have a few mainstay dishes I’ve repeated over and over through the years but I mostly stick to baking.  I love chocolate chip cookies.  It’s more than just a love, it’s  a  ritual I’ve had for most of my life.  Most afternoons I eat a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. Yeah, you heard me, E-V-E-R-Y day I have at least one chocolate chip cookie.  Close your mouth now, you’re going to catch flies. » » »