What’s for Dinner?

Mike had to go out of town last week for a few days.  Dumpling was at her mom’s house so this left Pistol and I to our own devices.  Pistol loves to spend a little one on one time with me but she’s not sure its worth sacrificing dinner over it.  Years ago when Mike was out on a work trip and we were sitting around eating a nice plate of crackers and cheese for dinner (and wine) she spouted out, “Mom, what would we do if Michael wasn’t with us?!  Crackers and cheese is not dinner!”  I believe that if she had her own glass of wine she might not jump to that conclusion so quickly but that’s just me.  Mike left on Sunday and within a few hours she wanted to know if we would be eating at my parents house…

Mommy Sha (Molly’s Mom):  She’s always been that way.  When she wakes up she wants to know the agenda for the day and that includes dinner.

Molly:  I know, I know, but I felt like I was letting her down by not providing her with a ‘Martha Stewart’ type of meal.

Mommy Sha:  (muffled laugh) You’re very talented honey but cooking dinner is not where you like to put your energy.

Every morning she woke up and asked, ‘What are we having for dinner?’…

Every day after school she asked, ‘What are we having for dinner?’….

What’s with the whole dinner thing anyway?  Pistol is such a picky eater.  There is many a night where she turns her nose up to whatever deliciousness Mike has produced for us.  Does she really want to know what the menu is or is she just confirming that dinner is still included in the room and board here?

We did not have crackers and cheese.  I had my faithful standbys ready- pasta one night, frozen pizza the next.  The third night was tough.  She could feel I was running out of steam in the cooking department.  Mike would be home around 7 and I knew I should have dinner on the table.  Making dinner would be the last thing he would want to do.  That morning Pistol wanted to know “what time is Mike coming home?  Will he be able to cook dinner?”  No,  honey I’ve got this (maybe).

6pm came around, I opened the refrigerator.  It was full of food.  I pulled things out, tried to get the same look of inspiration on my face that Mike often has when he searches through the refrigerator but it didn’t come.  I scanned down and saw we had 7 dozen eggs.  We gotta get through these eggs.  If I propose an omelet she’ll just say, “It’s dinner time not breakfast!’  God that kid really needs to open her mind a bit.

Hmmm….a frittata!  We have those purple potatoes and tons of veggies.  It’s not breakfast (but it really is)!

I did it!  Mike came home just as the frittata was finishing up.  He had a slight look of surprise that I had something in the oven that wasn’t a cake and the kitchen was looking like this:


Later the next day he asks what we did while he was away and finally, what did we eat.

Molly:  Do you really think I can’t survive without you for a few days?

Mike: Well, I knew we didn’t have any crackers…

Molly:  Hey Buster, you know I lived on my own for many years!

Mike: Hmmm…

I didn’t tell him that the kitchen looked like this the entire time he was gone!


Obviously I was doing something!  This kinda mess doesn’t just happen…


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