Updates and Giveaway Winner!

It’s time to announce the winner of our first giveaway!  Last Tuesday, October 11th,  we told you all about NM chile.  It’s a delicious spicy veggie that New Mexicans cannot live without.

Red chile

Molly:  I was very sleepy this morning and just wanted to pick a winner.  Mike wouldn’t let me.

Mike:  Nope, we’ve got to be fair.  It wasn’t a big deal to make a spreadsheet of  entries and let Random.org  pick us a winner.

And the winner is…..

Jeff @ Sustainable Life blog.

Thanks to everyone that participated!   We will be having more giveaways in the coming weeks.

All of you helped us to go from:

38 Facebook fans to 50!

74 Twitter followers to 82!

81 subscribers to 89! (email and RSS)

Our Alexa ranking* went from 567,61 (and 54,326 in the US) to 477,122 (and 42,892 in the US)!

Mike: Molly, tell the readers why these numbers are important to us.

Molly: The more readership we have the more our blog grows.  The more our blog grows the more likely we can get ad revenue.  If we can get ad revenue we can continue to focus our energies on the blog.  If we can create great content then our readership grows…. See where this is going?   We love writing Mike and Molly’s House and are determined to get paid for doing it.  

So here’s our pitch:  If you have a blog we’d like a cozy little spot on your blogroll and love, love, love it when you link to us.  Looking for a guest post?  Why yes, we’d love to.   If you are a reader, please pass our website onto your friends and family.  If you don’t already, please subscribe , follow us on Twitter and Facebook (or all three!).  All these things help us grow our little homestead here in the blogosphere.

Mike:  We’ve just passed the first month of Mike and Molly’s House and it’s been really great to see a community of readers building.  Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and especially thanks to those who took the time to comment.  Who doesn’t like a little witty repartee?

Molly:  I’m so appreciative of all of you that came along from our old blogs and it’s been great meeting new people too!

Mike:  Let’s not forget about Yakezie.

Molly:  Oh, yeah, we’ve just joined a great online community of personal finance bloggers  called Yakezie.  It’s a group of like minded bloggers who exchange ideas and brainstorm on how to live a financially independent lifestyle.  Have you seen their badge our home page?

Proud Member of the Yakezie Challenge

 Mike:  I’ve never been much of a joiner but I like a good challenge and their goals are in line with ours so here we go…

Now that we’ve gotten past the first month what feedback do you have for us?  Posts you’d like to see more of?  Less of?  How intuitive is navigating the site?  Let us know in the comments or contact us– we’re listening!  A reminder to those of you bloggers that comment- don’t forget to include your website URL in the Disqus form.  It does not prompt you and we’ve noticed some of the comments are not linked back to your site.

Molly:  One last thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!

Mike:  You just love telling people about our birthdays don’t you?

Molly:  I love, love, love it.  It’s the birthday month!  And plus there are so many birthday people out there!  It was Joy of Caking’s b-day last week and I remember a few more (but I won’t announce them 😉 )


*Molly:  I didn’t really ‘get’ the Alexa rating until last week.  This is what it is:  it’s a ranking system of over 4 million websites.  If your rank is ‘1’ it means you are the most popular website on their list and you’re called gmail.  They rank you internationally and within the US.  Our goal is to get our ranking into the top 200,000 (internationally) by the beginning of 2012.

Mike:  You know we love our goals.

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