Twit, Tweet and Twitter

We had never twittered before last week.  In fact, we’ve avoided it, looking at it as one more chore.  Last Monday when we started this blog there was no twitter button to be found…

twitter birds

Boy did we get a rashing!  Molly’s blogging cohort Sandy emailed us that we had to get on board.  A friend texted us that if we were going to do this thing right we must start twittering.  Even our technologicaly challenged friend Cynthia (are we being too harsh Cynthia?) mentioned in passing that she was going to start twittering.  She had read on Kludgy Mom that we need to look at it as dropping in at a cocktail party.

Mike:  You know I hate cocktail parties, I never know what to say.

Molly:  You would think it’s right up my alley (Hmm, Molly the extrovert?  No?!)  but really I’m a small group kinda’ girl.  When I’m at a party and I don’t  know anyone I end up in the corner talking to you the whole night.

Mike: Well, we could sit around in the living room tweeting at each other…

We decided we could do this.  On Tuesday a bird icon was drawn (don’t forget, this is a hand-crafted blog 😆 ) and put on the site.  We registered at twitter, made a profile and voila it was done!  Wait!  Not so simple…

Mike:  We’ve got to do this right.  I spent Tuesday morning scouring the internet on the ways to tweet and not to tweet.

Molly:  I just jumped right in.  I  started writing and pushing the ‘tweet’ button.  We only had one follower so I figured I couldn’t do too much damage, right Kirstie?  OHH! and I’m following people now too!  I keep waiting for Lori to use her potty mouth- I figured she might drop the F-bomb in one of her tweets!

Mike:  I realize I can’t slow you down but once you read some of the posts didn’t you find them helpful?

Molly:  I loved the one on the 10 things to stop tweeting about!  Oh, that made me laugh!!!!  And, my god, if I hadn’t read it I would be tweeting right now on #1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10!!!  Is it so bad for me to brag that I just ran 1/2 mile?  kudos for me, huh?

Mike:  That was my favorite too but there was some other good information out there.  Blog Alliance went through a step-by-step how to get set up and Canton Dog goes further with some good pointers on  what all those @s and #s are about.

Molly:  Yeah, but what’s with the golden retriever on Canton Dog’s site?

Mike:  I don’t know, could you get off the dog.  It’s just his theme- the site has nothing to do with the golden retriever.

Molly:  Well, I can see that now, but it threw me as I was reading the post and I just kept wondering why he named it after his dog, or someone’s dog!  Who’s dog is it? And is it from China or Ohio?  Did you notice he reviews golf courses…it’s such a non-sequitur!

Mike:  Enough about the  Canton Dog already.  It’s just a post about tweeting.

Molly:  fine…(sigh)

Mike:  You know tweeting hasn’t been that bad.  I tweeted with Kirstie but she thought I was you.  Is that bad?

Molly:  No, just funny!  I’ve been good.  I haven’t tweeted about what I ate or the number of  followers (7 as of today- now, does this count against me because I just mentioned it? ) or have I had my weekly emotional breakdown on twitter!

Mike:  You did mention the chickens.  Isn’t that on the list.

Molly:  Only if you consider the chickens my pets.  Are you saying you do?  Cause the I think we may want to set the Blind Chicken up in the house over winter…I could put a diaper on her, train the dogs not too eat her,…

Mike:  No, that’s not what I’m saying!!!

Molly:  Cause if you are…

Mike:  Not!

Molly:  fine…

So readers, let’s tweet!

Molly:  You realize the girls are laughing at us and not in a good way.

Mike:  They always are honey, they always are.

Molly:  Damn them!!


What about you?  What do you use twitter for?  Is twitter indispensable or irrelevant in your life?


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