Top 5 Fantasy Lives

Do you ever want to be someone else or have a different life?  I do…..What?!  Did I just say a bad word?

I’m not saying I have a bad life or want to trade it all in but sometimes it would be great to go be me but totally different. Back in April I read a very funny post on Top 5 Fantasy Lives.  I thought it was  Little Hen House who had written it but I couldn’t find it in her archive and when I emailed her she said, ‘ No she didn’t post that’.  Any-hoo!  If you’re out there, it was funny and here’s my version!

Molly’s top 5 fantasies:

  1. I live in the same house with the same husband and the same kids but the dishes are always done, the house is always picked up and there is never dust on the furniture.  It’s as if I live in a Martha Stewart magazine.  You get the picture?Cleanest house ever!
  2.  I live in a hotel.  By myself.
  3. I’m a high power marketing director living in a big city and travel all the time.  This one’s a bit strange because I don’t know anything about marketing.  ‘Sex In the City 2’ just made it seem glamorous.  Yeah, I can’t believe I sat through the entire movie either.High powered marketing Molly
  4. I am hyper-active and can’t stop.  I’d be happy and not pissy-as-hell (as Dumpling says I would be).
  5. I’m an advisor to President Obama.  I’m not focused on what kind of advisor, I just think it would be really cool to hear him say to me, ‘Molly, what do you think I should do?’  In this one I would also live in a house with stairs- big grand stairs.

Yeah, there we are with the President and First Lady

OK Mike, I’ll give you one (let me remind you, this is my post).  What’s one of your fantasy lives?

Mike: I’d be fabulously wealthy and have a warehouse full of interns who helped me make stuff.  There would be a bunch of those robots from Iron Man that you can talk to too.

Molly: I love talking robots!

If you couldn’t have the life you have what would be your fantasy life?

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