Round em’ Up Folks- 9/23

Here’s what we’ve been reading, listening too and playing with this week:

Molly:  You know I just can’t help but love a great chicken story!


Mike:  We’re both jealous of this woman’s art…Check out her amazing birds.


Molly:  Mike, what about your new ‘girlfriend’?

Mike:  WHAT?!

Molly: Ya know!

Mike:  Oh, Tara…she’s so snarky and funny!  Come on, Honey! You like the way she twitters.  Admit it.


Mike:  Molly’s obsessed with vertical gardening right now.  Stage 1 of her obsession is imagining all of our walls covered with plants.


Molly:  101 Centavos has by far the strangest travel post.

Mike:  Everyone kept tiptoeing around saying ‘balls’ or ‘testicles’.

Molly:  You just wanted to write, “BALLS! BALLS!  The guy has 3 balls!” as a comment, didn’t you?!

Mike: Yup!


Molly:  Gold Star to Mutant Supermodel for her post A great quote from How To Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe just stayed with me.  Quite beautiful.

Mike:  Sandy over at First Gen American let us know that her firewall was blocking our site!  Guess McAffee didn’t like our vegetable porn


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