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Both of us love chocolate and only Andrew over at 101 Centavos could take that love and break down the investment strategies behind it.  Very good article…

Squirreler pipes up all about the  Girl Scout cookie.  His attitude about selling cookies in the workplace have changed now that his daughter is a Girl Scout- it’s very humorous.

Molly:  When I was a Girl Scout there was this one girl that sold the most cookies every year.  I hated her because her mom would sell them out of her beauty salon-she didn’t have to do any work!  While I trudged door to door this girl sat on her ass and did nothing!!

 Mike: We just sold light bulbs in the Boy Scouts.  Lots of trudging and you couldn’t even eat them.

Money Cone has a great post on good debt vs. bad debt vs. unconventional debt.

Mike:  We subscribe to many unconventional ideas around debt.  It’s the ‘mediumist’ in me.

Molly:  And Marissa @ Thirty Six Months is writing a series on women investing their money.  I’m loving this series!


Mike:  Molly flocks to the 20somethings like a moth to a flame

Molly:  I like to think I’m getting my Gloria Stienam on.  I read in an interview she makes sure that some of her close staff are young.  It keeps her connected to how women of all generations are thinking about the world.  I’m not creepy!  Just trying not to be an insular 40something…got it Old Man?!

Bethany from Style Aesthetic is a 20 something woman from San Francisco.  We discovered her on twitter when she did a lovely shout out about us and Molly found out she not only has good fashion sense she wears really cool glasses.

Sandy @ First Gen American talks about all the favorite things she wears and wears out.


Molly:  Although I’m not a formal member of Mutant Supermodel’s De-Frumpiness project (Mike:  um, I think Mutant Supermodel is the only formal member of that project…)  I occassionaly get out of my pj’s and put something nice on.  In this post she jumps into the ‘deep pond’ of this project.

Mike:  You know, people may not understand the deep pond reference.

Molly:  I’m sure it’s in the urban dictionary.

Mike:  I’m sure it’s not.  At any rate, she digs into the idea of how habits play a role in our lives.  It’s really interesting.  Make sure to read the Harvard business review article too.


Molly:  Why Lori?  Why do you make me laugh so hard!!!  This story is definitely one of her best.

Crunchy Betty talks about some of our fears when making our own stuff.  Is it better, do we understand the ingredients, where is the trust!

Although it’s warming up around here we just had some more snow fall.  Is winter ever going to end?  Katherine at Silly Simple reminds us of a few of the good things about winter.


And Crystal over at Budgeting In the Fun Stuff….HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY!!!


Sunil has a article at the Yakezie network that ties in nicely to our niche project. Oh yeah, hop on over to his huge giveaway while you are at it!

Here’s where we’ve left our mark on the internet this week:

Carnival of Personal Finance #349 (Thanks to Simon @ Sustainable Personal Finance for hosting!)

We both posted over at Instructables this week.  Molly put up her reversible apron and Mike won a kitchenaid mixer for his ravioli press post!!


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  2. moneycone
    Posted February 24, 2012 at 2:42 pm | Permalink

    I bought some of those Samoa cookies and love it!  

    Thanks for the link love M&M!

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    Thanks for the linky-link, guys!

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    Awww I feel the LOVE. Thank you!!

  5. Mommy Sha
    Posted March 11, 2012 at 5:15 pm | Permalink

    Girl Scout cookies are half as big as they used to be.  You have to buy and eat twice as many!
    mommy sha

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