Round Up- Catching Up

After a month of barely staying in touch with the blogging world we (Molly mostly) have spent the last two weeks catching up.  Not to much of our surprise it seems many bloggers were reinvigorated with the start of the new year.

Molly:  Mike and I are very excited for this years Fin Con 2012 conference (a PF bloggers heaven).  It’s going to be held in Denver which is a short day’s drive for us!  We’ll be there and we are so excited to finally ‘see’ all these PF bloggers we follow!

Mike:  Molly has problems not ‘seeing’ who she’s reading.

Molly:  I know anonymity is a preference for many and I can respect that….OK, no scratch that….I can’t!  I need to see faces!!    If I don’t I start making up how you look.  In my head you become a weird anime thrown in with whomever was on the cover of People magazine that week.  Please, I beg you, just email me your photo- I won’t share it with anyone- you know who I speak of.  Mutant Supermodel just released her photo!  Thank you so much Mutant Supermodel!!

Mike:  On other things financial, how’s our 2012 budget looking?

Molly:  What?

Mike:  Have you put together our budget?

Molly:  Budget woo-hoo?

Mike:  How about the report on how much we were able to save in 2011?

Molly:  Huh?

Mike:  I know we didn’t save like we were hoping but… Ok, I get it…not  putting any pressure on you.

Emergency Funds, savings and retirement goals are being discussed out there:

Minting Nickles, Double the Fun, Double the Funds

Grumpy Rumblings, We May Not Contribute to Our IRA’s this Year!

And we love reading everyone’s New Years goals:

Invest It Wisely


Debt Free by Thirty

Everyday Tips and Thoughts

Move to Portugal

Things that are NEW!:

Hunter over at Financially Consumed just started a new blog about bicyling.

Mike:  I love biking– I’m looking forward to this blog.  You, my dear, you don’t really like to bike.

Molly:  Whatever!  I’ve got a really cool bike that cost me $20!  I like going out to the shed and looking at it.

Here’s a very talented Aussie Girl named Ruby who makes bathers (that’s what they call swimsuits in Australian speak) and other amazing things.

For those of us trying to lose a few of those holiday pounds check this out- the newest, best-E-est product out there: Fotoshop by Adobé.  You’ll thank us, really, you will.

Just as a side note- we don’t have any traffic in Santa Fe and neither one of us minds discussing how much our cars cost. Are we really that odd?

Mike:  Aren’t you going to tell the readers your really big news?

Molly:  Maybe?

Mike:  Really?

Molly:  I’M TOTALLY TELLING! I can hardly contain myself!!  I GOT A REALLY BIG-ASS TATTOO LAST WEEK!!!

Mike:  I’m sure there’s more to come on that one.

Molly:  And dreaming of building a custom home, have you heard about Americas Home Place?

Mike:  Stop dreaming!

Huge hug out to all of you that have linked to us this past month.  Our top 5 blog referrers in December were:

1. Nicole and Maggie

2. Frugally Sustainable

3. Move to Portugal

4. Debt Free by Thirty

5. First Gen American

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