Round Up 11/11 Frugal, Financial and FuN-kY

Molly’s newest fave blog is Impluse Save.  They have a great animation video with pigs, turkeys and gold coins.

Molly: I’m in the midst of my own animation and this one inspired me!

Turkey Talks from ImpulseSave on Vimeo.

Molly: They have a writing contest going.  The winner gets a $500- 10 post contract.  Any takers?


What does Herballife, soccer and organic gardening have to do with finances?  101 Centavos will explain!


Molly:  Honey, would you like to blog from a cruise ship?

Mike:  Huh?

Molly:  OK, forget that but have you been following NPR’s photo series?

Mike:  Nope, but give me your fave’s.

Molly:  Beach trash and flying Rinos.  I say no more.

Flying Rhinos from Green Renaissance on Vimeo.


First Gen has some great tip on keeping a frugal garden– we’ve added seed collecting and swapping to cut down on our gardening costs.


Molly:  After the terrible chore of returning a pair of boots for Pistol I totally related to Frugal Confessions Crazy Fine Print of Sales post!


Mike:  I think 72 is Hunters favorite number right now.

Molly:  Explain rule 72 to me…. like I’m 5 please.

Mike:  Just go to his site…


Kevin over at Invest it Wisely breaks down investing your money.

Mike: We just check our mutual funds twice a year but otherwise leave them alone.

Molly: You do?…..Where are mine again?

Story of Stuff came out with a new video called Story of Broke.  We like how they break it down.


And Niki- ditto girlfriend, ditto.


If you haven’t already, go check out our guest post over at Minting Nickels!

Molly:  Lindy is a super tweeter and did you see her pic?  Super cute!

Mike:  Did someone say ‘girl crush’?!

Molly:  Shush your pie hole she’ll be reading this!  She’s cute though, don’t ya’ think?

Mike:  Super cute…(I’m not coming on to you Lindy, you can see the predicament I am in).


We have a  giveaway going on that ends this Saturday at midnight!  The winner will receive 1 dozen chocolate chip cookies shipped to your doorstep.  Leslie has been so gracious to give away not 1 dozen but 2 dozen cookies!  So we will have 2 winners!  To enter go here!

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