Round-em Up- 9/30 Freaky Tomato

Freaky Tomato

Mike: I thought I had a Jesus tomato there for a second but it’s just a Pinocchio tomato.

Molly: That’s one freaky tomato!


Squirreler had one of his Squirreler Goes Wild Posts.  They tend to verge on the bizarre.  Don’t stop on this one, you must go back and read his past 28 posts in this category.


Molly:  I’ve had time to catch up on Planet Money.  Back in June they made a great case for pre-school.  I love it when they get economists involved with politically charged ideas!  Where should the money go?!  Why should the money go there?!  Why should we spend any money?!


Molly:  Corey (my blogging cousin) sent us this from Life Hacker.  Cleaning products, no need to buy- It’s so up my alley.  BTW- I’m trying to get Corey to become our full time blogging researcher (for the glory, of course).  He won’t return my emails though 😕  I wonder if I just went Corey!, Corey!, Corey!, Corey!, Corey! if he’d answer?

Mike:  I wish he’d be our narrator for Mike and Molly TV.  Vincent Price style. What do you think Corey, can you don a cravat for us?


Molly:  And while on the subject of all things that clean- we are going toilet paper free!  After reading Practical Parsimony’s comment (scroll to the bottom)  Mike realized he needed to get over his aversion to the ‘family cloth’.  Thanks Practical Parsimony!  You Rock!!

Mike:  It’s just a test and you promised not to call it the family cloth!


 Mike: We checked out a cool app for Android and iPhones that our friend Jim is helping to market.  It’s called Camp and RV and it has a handy map that tells you everything you need to know about where the nearest campgrounds and suppliers are.   Looks like it would be a great resource when you’re on the road.


Molly: I always love Grumpy Rumblings’ comments!  Nic & Mags (cause in my mind they are my besties, and as such I can make cute nicknames for them) have gotten the better of me lately.  I’ve started a novel based on what I think they look, feel and do.  Maybe I do have a little too much time on my hands?


Molly:  I love things pretty and done by hand.  Myrtle and Eunice did the most perfect french knots almost![very]


Mike: I’m headed back to CNC land.  I think I’m going to have to build one of these.

Molly: Don’t you already have a CNC machine?

Mike : Yeah but my friend Rick doesn’t! Everyone needs their own robot.


As mobile home dwellers we lust after Modernist Trailer Conversions even if they are expensive, and look like you’d freeze your buns off in the Winter anywhere other than southern California.

Molly:  Remember when you wanted to buy all those repossed single-wide trailers and make one big house from them?

Mike:  It was a cool idea.

Molly:  You wanted to make a ‘spoke house’.

Mike:  Again, so cool.


Mike: Dumpling is becoming quite the baker.  She made this cake for a school fundraiser.

Molly: Nice!  Do you think we could get her to make some of these roses for my birthday cake?


And finally, it wouldn’t be an M&M round up without a chicken story.  Talk about fresh chicken!!


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