Our New Bestie, Pinterest

Niki over at Debt Free by 30 always has great DIY suggestions.  Some are her own and some are from others.  She catalogues them in Pinterest.  Now I had heard her talk about Pinterest but I didn’t really know what it was.  After I learned about it I started seeing little Pinterest buttons everywhere.  Finally I ventured over to see what the big whoop was about.  It’s a bookmarking site for things you like.  It’s very visual so people’s bookmarks tend to lean towards great photos.

We are very visual people and love to save things (we have notebooks filled with drawings and magazine clippings) so an online bookmark collection of projects, ideas and other stuff is a great way for us to hoard without taking up physical space in our house.

How does it work?

You create ‘boards’ which are essentially categories.   You can name each board whatever you like.    Within each board you ‘pin’ links and pictures from web and blog sites you like.

Our Pintrest homepage

Our Pintrest homepage

Sounds cool.   How do I do it?

First you go to Pintrest and click the big red request an invite button.  When we did it there was a waiting period.

Molly:  I whined to Nicki and my friend Kirstie and they both sent me an invitation so I could create an account immediately.

Mike:  Being vocal isn’t always a bad thing 😕 .  By the way, if you want to join Pinterest let us know in the comments and we will send you an invitation.  And just so you all know, Pinterest did not pay us to do this!

Once you’re signed up, log in and click the About menu in the upper right hand corner.  Then click on the Pin It button.  Follow the instructions to install the button in your browser.

Once you have a ‘Pin It’ button it’s easy.

1.  You go to a site and decide, ‘Hmmm, I really want to remember this for later.’

2.  Click your ‘Pin It’ button. Ours is on our Chrome browser’s bookmark bar for easy access.

3.  It will give you options for what picture you want to pin.  Click on the photo.

4.  A screen will pop up and ask you which board you want it to go on.  Choose a board (you need to create your boards first).

5.  Before you close that screen you must put in a description.

6. Easy peasy you just pinned something.

Our 'Rockin Christmas board

Our 'Rockin Christmas board

Pinterest also has a social aspect to it.  You can follow other people and you can be followed as well.  (Feel free to stalk us.) You can post your web or blog site, your Twitter and Facebook site just under your picture on your homepage.  Pinterest encourages you to not post your own web and/or blog site on your boards.  The idea is to share others’ sites you like.  We have put a few of our Instructables up, but we haven’t gone overboard with self promotion.

Molly: If you want to follow us on Pinterest click here!  Lately I’ve been scouring the web for pinteresting things.  It’s so much fun!   We are currently re-designing the social icons on our site.  In the upcoming days…weeks…months (when are you getting on this Mike?) we’ll have some handy dandy buttons for you to share M&M goodness with the world.

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