Noodle House

While we were in San Diego last week we trotted up to LA for the day to do what else, EAT!  We were headed for lunch with Molly’s cousins and aunt which made it all the better.  In the past we have had marathon cooking/eating sessions with cousin Corey and his girlfriend Terumi who live in LA.  ( He has a blog dedicated to getting Spinal Tap inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame and she blogs about food)  We knew we didn’t have time for a big cooking session so we asked them to pick out an interesting restaurant.  They picked a noodle house called Malan Noodles.

Molly:  Don’t forget to mention there was a sauna house next door, ‘Joy Sauna’!

Mike:  Molly fantazises about opening her own sauna house.  I thought she was going to have a cow when we pulled up to the restuarant and saw it was next door to a sauna house.

Molly:  One day…..I will have a sauna house….or at the very least my own… very own… sauna.

Mike: Yeah, and you can charge people to use it.

Malan's in LA

The noodles are hand pulled and they make them right there.

The menu

We ordered a little of everything off the menu.  Thank god Corey speaks and reads Mandarin (for real!!) so we knew we were getting the good stuff.


While the food was being prepped we went over to watch them make the noodles.


One of many bowls of noodles and soup

All was tasty and our tummies were  full.

Mike:  I kind of overdid it.  Five bowls of noodles was too much!

From there we went to get some boba tea.  It’s a Vietnamese milk tea with these gushy brown tapioca balls in it.

Mike:  Even though I was uncomfortably full already I was excited to try the boba tea.  I’d heard about bubble/boba tea on some food podcasts and wanted to try it.  I thought it was good.

Molly: I thought it was weird.  Who wants to be chewing while they are drinking?  

Drinking boba at the mall

All and all it was a great LA day.  We returned back to San Diego full of family gossip and stuffed to the gills with good food.

Molly: When we were back in NM I was at the Albuquerque mall and there it was: BOBA TEA!  I made my Mom text Mike right away.  

Mike: Did you get one?

Molly:  Gross!  Not gonna be chewing my drinks any time soon Bud.

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