This summer we went to the East Coast to visit family for a couple of weeks.  It had been two years since our last visit so we tried to pack in as much adventure as possible.  We went to DC Cupcakes, the Delaware river, the Jersey shore, the public swimming pool in Central Park and Momofuku’s Noodle Bar.

We love to eat and Mike loves to cook.  We’ve been vicariously following David Chang’s (owner of the Momofuku empire) career through the New Yorker and his cookbook.  When some friends heard we were going to New York City they surprised us with a gift certificate to any of the Momofuku restaurants!

Molly:  I squealed like a little girl when they gave us this oh so amazing gift!  I think I scared them a bit…

Mike:  Honey, don’t worry, it’s my job to walk behind you and assure people you aren’t harmful.

We invited our family to join us.

Got there early…

Waited outside…

Stared at the menu….

Tried to be patient while waiting for our far-flung party to assemble so we could be seated…

Momofuku menu

Success! Everyone is here and there is still space to seat us!

We’ll have one of everything on the menu please.  Yes, you heard us: One of EV-er-y THING!

Molly:  Strange how the snotty hostess became our super-bestie after we did that!

Mike:  I know how you are with customer service.  Her turn around made your entire night, didn’t it?!

Molly:  It’s childish but it SO did!

Tasted, passed, ate, took pictures and ate some more!

The kids were great, only semi-bored at times.  Dumpling will try almost anything while Pistol is a pretty picky eater.  To keep her interested in trying new things we’ve turned her into a food critic.  It totally works!  She’s opinionated as all get out and this gives her the chance to deliver her verdict without being boxed in as the picky eater.

Mike:  How did we figure out we could get her to try new foods by being a food critic?

Molly:  Hell if I remember!

Our little cousin kept us all entertained!

As the dishes were emptied and cleared we thought we had tried it all but then more deliciousness would come out. (no, we did not keep the menu out to see what to expect)

We were satiated after the meal and decided to take a walk through the neighborhood.  John and Mike wanted a cappuccino so they went across the street to a classic NY Italian joint while we ladies took a stroll through a great little vintage shop.

vintage bracelet

A little bling-bling for Molly.

Molly:  I can’t believe you and John ate even more!

Mike:  Believe it baby, believe it!!

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