Crafty Round Up 11/4

Mike:  This week Molly pulled out three sewing machines (I know- who owns three sewing machines?), several tubs of fabric and threw together a sewing class for a few of her friends.  Neither one of us has sewn much in the last year so it was fun to watch her in her element.  I came out to watch and within minutes she had me helping out!  Come on, honey!  I just wanted to visit with the ladies!

Molly:  It was super fun!  We’re making aprons.  I’ll post the instructions in a few weeks so that our readers can make their own fancy apron.

The Queen of all the sewing machines

Mike:  Since the crafty energy is pulsing through our house we thought it would be a good week to share some crafty links.

Molly:  My friend Noelle told me about this one.  You can make your own fabric designs for just under $17/yard.  I’m foaming at the mouth!  Also one of my favorite DIY bloggers, Funkytime, got into the winter edition of Artful Blogging magazine- it’s all about the ‘pretty’ over there!

Mike:  This week we’ve also been evaluating our homespread (some people have homesteads, we have crap spread out everywhere).  Modern Thrifter redid her deck, we’ve got to get ours repaired sooner than later.  I don’t want to begin any more new projects until we finish what we’ve started.  In order to complete some of our half-finished buildings we’ll need to get rid of stuff and shuffle everything around. 

Molly:  I’ve proposed the $1 garage sale.

Mike:  I’ve proposed the Salvation Army coming by and picking it all up (and not selling stuff on ebay-it will never get done!)!

Molly:  You digress…

Mike:  I think we’ll turn the CNC shop into Molly’s art studio/seed starting area and I’ll move into the ‘garage’ where she’s got all her fabric stored.

Molly:  No more tree house for me.  It’s better this way.  Little House in the Valley has an entire tab devoted to house plans.  While we’re talking little houses go check out the little gems at Tumbleweed Houses.

Mike:  You’ve been spending a lot of time over at Crunchy Betty lately.  Anything you want to share?

Molly:  Oh yeah, she’s got some great salve recipes I want to try out this week.  Winter=salves for my skin!

Mike: We found a new kindred spirit this week.  Go check out Frugally Sustainable  for tips and talk about all things frugal and (wait for it) sustainable.


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