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Sometimes you’re cruising along through life and you see someone else doing something so appropriate that it makes you pause and rethink things.  I’m not talking about suddenly changing religions or switching from a carnivore to a vegan but more like you just got a gentle nudge that may send you off in an unexpected direction.

A big part of what Molly and I have been focusing on in the past couple years is really trying to shed our preconceptions of how one is supposed to live.  Exploring crazy ideas rather than shooting them down because they don’t match the templates for success that we hold them up to.  Doing our various challenges are ways we can buck our trends and pop out of some ruts we were so used to that we didn’t even see them anymore.  Embracing the uncertain because that’s where our rudders are guiding us.


Not too long ago I came across my new favorite website.  I love their name- The Improvised Life.  It is so clever and appropriate that I’m jealous that I didn’t come up with it myself.  I saw it and thought “Yeah, exactly, we’re trying to lead an improvised life.”  The website is produced by a collective of people around the common theme of looking at and celebrating the ways that people wing it in their lives with wonderful results.  I signed up for their email subscription and now I get a daily dose of inspiration first thing in the morning.  Their posts are spare but powerful and the site has been around long enough that every post is cross linked to a whole family of related fascinating material.

This video from a recent post really moved me and not just for the obvious reasons.

Mike: When he talked about having an idea and holding it in his head so that everywhere he goes he sees it and he will eventually make it made me realize how simple yet powerfull persistence is.

Molly: He makes it so clear that the only thing holding anyone back is their brain.

I heard an interview with the Improvised Life’s founder Sally Schneider who talked about how she tries to find “we’ blogs, ones that share ideas that are opened ended and available to be expanded on vs “me” blogs that tend to organize around a one way delivery of information.

hand saw

We have our ups and downs here on the Mini Farm but as we progress we’ve come to realize time and again that blogging for us is so much more than just writing down what’s going on and delivering it to an audience.  Blogging gets us out of our chairs and out to garden tours.  It drives us to unfamiliar parts of town looking for pork belly.  Blogging connects us to people all over the country and even the world because we share a similar outlook and like to swap stories.  Now we find blogging nudging ourselves into a more interactive mode.

Mike:  You’ve probably noticed the badge that links to nothing on the right advertising Show and Tell at Mike and Molly’s house.

Molly: That’s right!  Hang onto your hats peeps cause we’re gonna open up the blog on Mondays to everybody who wants to come and share what they’re up to.

If you’re a blogger you’ve undoubtedly seen blog hops, link-ups and carnivals galore.  If you are thinking blog whatidy-what?  Blog hops are a chance for people to post a thumbnails and a link to to a post on their site.   We don’t want to be limited just to people with blogs.  We know everyone is doing something interesting so we are trying to figure out way that people can post directly.  For now share your stories and pictures in the comments.

Did you just make your kid a bed that looks like a race car?

We want to see it!

Roast a pig?

We want to see it!

Grow the biggest pumpkin Ev-Er?

We want to see it!

Hell, didja put a bird on it?

We want to see it!!!!!!!!

We know you guys are chock a block full of ideas, stories and projects so drop off some pearls every Monday so we all can learn and share and Ohh and Ahh.  Plus,  if we love what you did we’ll pimp your post the following week!!  We want to build a collective resource of ideas that anyone can take and copy or expand on or simply appreciate and we want you to do it with us.

Start thinking about what you want to share and check the site on Monday for how to get in on it.


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