Show and Tell at Mike and Molly’s House | A Cure for my Unsightly Piles!

True confession time.  I’ve got piles.  Had them for years.  Seems like every time I get rid of one another pops up!

Molly: Are you sure you want to be sharing your condition on the internet hon?

Mike: It’s OK we’re amongst friends.

It’s not pretty but it’s also nothing to be embarrassed of either.  This week I finally found a cure for my piles and it’s all natural to boot!

Apparently Germans have problems with piles too because this is a German technique called hugelkultur. (hoogle culture) to us Americans.  I figure if I really apply myself I could be rid of my piles for good in a couple of years.  It’s really pretty easy all you do is…

Molly: OK, really?  You’re really going to go there?

Mike: People want to know!  What if they have piles they need to get rid of?

Anyhow, as I said it’s all natural and you…

Molly: (cough) TMI!!!

Mike:  What !?  You’ve been bugging me to get rid of my brush piles for years?

Molly: Brush piles?…..Oh..I thought you….Never mind, carry on.


Hugelkultur is essentially a matter of burying a bunch of wood in the ground under your garden bed or simply making a big pile of logs and brush and covering it up with soil.  The wood acts like a giant sponge and holds water in the pile.  You plant veggies on the pile and according to the claims I’m reading you don’t even need to water them.  It sounds a little too good to be true but I’m going to give it a shot.  I’ll do a test bed this year and if it even sorta works I’ll go to town burying all the brush and dead wood on our property.

This short movie of building a hugelkultur bed is from Paul Wheaton’s site:  He has a great article that goes into detail how to do it and why it works.  He also hosts which is a great forum on all things permaculture.

Thanks to SoonerAviator over at Instructables for turning me on to Permies and hugelkultur.

And now…

My unsightly piles.

Brush piles to the east

Brush piles to the east

Scattered branches that need piling

Scattered branches that need piling

Brush pile behind scrapwood

Brush pile behind scrap wood

The mother of all piles 30' x 8' and growing

The mother of all piles 30' x 8' and growing

A portion of the brush piles to the north of the garden

A portion of the brush piles to the north of the garden

This one is even bigger than the Mother it fills a whole ravine

This one is even bigger than the Mother it fills a whole ravine

Brush pile below the greenhouse (to be)

Brush pile below the greenhouse (to be)

You know deep down you wanted to see them….

Show and Tell Time!

“Sometimes you’re cruising along through life and you see someone else doing something so appropriate that it makes you pause and rethink things. I’m not talking about suddenly changing religions or switching from being a carnivore to a vegan but more like you just got a gentle nudge that may send you off in an unexpected direction.”- Mike

Show and Tell is a swap meet for ideas and projects where the currency is inspiration.  Every week we kick things off with some of our favorite ideas that we just came across or highlight an idea we got from one of you!

This is a community effort however and we want you to get in on it.  If you’re a blogger link up to one of your posts.  It doesn’t have to be new (we’re all about recycling here) just something that you think is kick-ass.

Not a blogger?  Don’t have a post to link up?  Don’t despair!   We want to hear from you too.  First option is to post in the comments; you can even add an image or two.  Too big for the comments? Contact us with your idea and if it fits we will ask you to write up something that will appear at the beginning of a future Show and Tell.

So what are we looking for?

We think Sally Schneider nailed it with her manifesto over at The Improvised Life:

Improvising is a powerful operating system.

You don’t need to be an expert to improvise.

Improvising is a practice like yoga or cooking; the more we do it the better we get at it.

Creativity can be cultivated.  We can learn what we don’t know.  

We believe in asking “why not?’ when we have an interesting idea and then trying out our idea.

We can be afraid of doing something and do it anyway.

Making mistakes is the way we learn.  Perfection is over-rated.

Mistakes are often paths to unexpected discoveries [solutions]

Constraints – whether money, space, time or materials – don’t limit, they expand.

Making a mess is an essential part of improvising.  

Improvising is an antidote to “I can’t.”

Improvising guides you to the solutions you are looking for.

Improvising is a path full of richness and discovery.

We want to celebrate creativity, resourcefulness and inspiration in all mediums whether it’s making, baking, growing or living.  What did you make this past week/month/year?  We want to see your wonderful results!

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