My Sewing Machine is a Wormhole into Another Dimension

Today we are participating in First Gen American’s Coffee Talk writer’s challenge.  The challenge today is to use a household item as a metaphor in a blog post that teaches a life or personal finance lesson.  Note that this is a post from Molly’s perspective but written by Mike.

Molly's fabrics swatches

When I (Molly) start a project it typically begins with this thought:  “I’m going to save so much money by making this- new set of curtains, seasonally appropriate bedspread, little black dress… rather than buying it at the store.”  Picture me receiving a gold start for my thrifty ways.

I start out with the best intentions.

I head out to the shed to visit with my vast, well organized fabric, ribbon, bead and binding collection.

I don’t have what I need.  I go back in the house, look at the project, go back out to the shed, shuffle through a different bin of fabric and come back to my original conclusion- I don’t have what I need.

$50 and two trips to the fabric store later I’ve got the perfect material for my (3rd) apron.  AND I’ll have  fabric left over for those pillows I’ve been wanting to recover.  Two birds with one stone!

The weekend is over, fabric goes in a (neat) pile on top of the sewing machine, life intervenes.

Molly's fabric swatches

6 weeks later….

When I see my (neat) pile of fabric on the sewing machine it reminds me of the coordinating bedspread I want to make to go with the pillows I’m going to re-cover with the leftovers from the apron project.  I’m not going to the store.   I’m not falling for that trap again so I clean up the living room.  I need to have the perfect surface to lay my project out on.

Floor is clean- check

Got my fabric- check

Draw my pattern- check

Cut 1/2 of it out.   Dang-it, it’s time for dinner.  After dinner I get a little sleepy and Netflixs just sent me my ‘Nurse Jackie’.

Molly's fabric swatches

The next morning…

I ball the fabric on the sewing machine (cause I’m going to get right back to it- I don’t need to waste time folding, Pistol’s taught me that one).

Molly's fabric swatches

Two months later…  

Mike asks me (he needs to watch that tone) whether I’m going to put this fabric away in the shed or finish making an apron out of it, today.  Oh no, I’m making the apron, don’t be so pushy! I’m an artist, I need time to process.

Molly's fabric swatches

The next day…

I clean up the living room so I’ll have the perfect surface to lay my project out on.

Floor is clean- check

Got my fabric-check

What this apron needs is a cute gingham ruffle on the bottom….back through the fabric collection, nope, nothing there….I have got to go to the fabric store so I can finish this frickin apron.  First I need to take measurements of the bed for the new bedspread (it is a new season) and I don’t want to waste gas.

Drive to the store, pick up some great fabric (on sale!).

Oops! I totally forget about the gingham I needed for the ruffle!!

It’s OK because what I really need to do is cut out these squares for the new bedspread and right quick before the season changes on me again.

I sit down to the sewing machine and suddenly I realize there’s a Molly in another universe who keeps finding herself with less and less fabric and more time and money.  Damn her!

Molly's fabric swatches

Molly: Glad you have so much insight into me Sweet-tums!

Mike: I’m here for you babe.


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