I Got Laid Off…Dammit!

Molly:  Mike, don’t you think it’s kind of weird I’m dragging my feet on writing today’s post?

Mike: Try,  I…was…laid…off…last…Friday.

Molly:  Yeah and thank you to my local lady friends who promptly took me out and got me sloshed 🙂


Not Mike, me, Molly.  Mike was laid off last March.  This time it was me, the breadwinner!

Holy Shipmates, man….(deep sigh)

It’s not as if I didn’t see it coming!  Without divulging too much, I expected it, just not this soon.

How am I doing?

Pretty good.  My ego wells up occasionally with shouts of, ‘How could they?!’,  ‘How can they even function without me?!’  Well, they can and will and I won’t be there to help out.  Dammit, I’m such a good helper!!!

What am I going to do?

I took this job because it came to me with a big bow on it.  I didn’t really question if I wanted it.  I just took it.  All in all it wasn’t a bad job.  I liked the clients I worked with and I learned a few new tricks.  Mike and I will both be collecting unemployment insurance now so we do have some money coming in.

This weekend we went over our expenses.  Nothing new to us.  We will cut back on dining out again, we won’t travel anywhere for at least the next 5 months and we will stop contributing to our savings.  We won’t have room to mess up but our day to day lives also won’t have to change much.   We will need to pick up some small jobs here and there to keep from dipping into our savings.  I know that the general expectation is that we need to be out there scouring every opportunity for a new job but honestly what we want to do is figure out how to make it on our own.  We are going to use the next six months to focus on getting ad revenue for the blog.  It’s actually kind of nice to know that I will be able put my full attention into it.   It’s ironic because both of us have had very little to write about money matters and suddenly we will have plenty to say!

How are the kids taking the news?

Pistol was ‘whatever’ about it.  Dumpling was/is a little freaked out.  I think she has a set of assumptions about what it means to not have your parents gainfully employed ( that it’s not good!).  We’ve talked to her about how we plan to be able to get through the next year if we don’t get regular jobs.  We’ve explained that she probably won’t feel the impact, but she still seems tense.  I’ll give her some time.

Molly:  I need a cookie.

Mike:  Definitely.

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