You Know You’re Frugal When…

hand-me-down clothes

1.  You find it fun to not buy clothes (I thank god for my girlfriends’ hand-me-downs-Molly).

2.  You walk through Target to stretch your legs rather than to actually buy anything.


3.  Your notebooks are clipboards are made from scraps of wood, binder clips and used paper.

4.  You throw away very little. One man’s trash is another’s material for papercrete blocks, food for the worms or snacks for the chickens.

baggie stash

5.  You wince when you pull out a brand new sandwich bag because that means all the old ones have too many holes to be of any use.

6.  You are actually considering growing bugs as a protein source.

Thanks New Yorker magazine ! (I’m dripping with sarcasm-Molly   I’m intrigued, deep fried grasshopper?– Michael)


7.  Your ‘new’ plants are cuttings from your old ones planted in soup cans and cut up plastic water bottles.

8.  You won’t drive into town unless you have at least 3 errands to run. You won’t even go if you’re out of toilet paper- there’s always the family cloth! ( Family cloth?! shudder… Got to plan those trips to town!  -Mike)

9.  Your friends reflexively stop at your house first with their giveaway stuff before going off to Goodwill.

10.  All of your pens have a business’ name on them.

11.  You’re considering a vegetarian diet because it’s cheaper!

  Are you a frugalist or a spendthrift?   What indicators/tricks do you have?  Let us know in the comments.  If we like your (frugal) idea we’ll try it as a challenge next month!


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