Feet to the Fire- October

We’ve just finished our second month at Mike and Molly’s House- WHOOT! WHOOT!  We’re starting to get our blog groove on and are enjoying it even more than we expected. Writing articles for the blog has become a motivator for us to go out into the world, discover new things and tell you all about it.

Molly:  We both tend to be homebodies.  Because we want to explore Santa Fe with new eyes it’s been a really cool experience to go out and document what’s out there.  We’ve met more new people in the last few months than our entire history in Santa Fe!

Mike: It seems like everywhere we turn there’s a new post waiting to happen.

Molly:  And to think we were worried about having enough content!  The challenge has become to find enough time to write a post.  I’m not complaining- we want to include everything; an interesting story, quality photos and let’s just throw in a video while we’re at it!

As much as we enjoy producing the content for the blog we also want/need it to support us.  We’re working feverishly to get the word out about Mike and Molly’s House and learning how to make money from our website and videos.   It’s a little overwhelming.   The amount of information available about growing your audience, ranking in search engines and various marketing opportunities is huge.  It’s a lot to absorb and to try to implement.

Up to this point we haven’t put much energy into a business plan other than- “let’s make a great blog!”  So far so good but it’s time to get a little more focused on the money earning end of things.  This series will be a way for us to set goals for growing the blog and to hold ourselves accountable to them.  It will also let others find out what we tried, what worked and what, well, wasn’t such a great idea after all.

Our first goal was to have some ads running on the site.  It seemed daunting.   We thought we would have to go out and negotiate with advertisers or hit some magical readership numbers.

You may have noticed we now have ads.  We just went to AdSense ( a Google service) and signed up.  We set a spot (or two or three) aside for them on the blog and they fill it with ads.

Mike: I don’t know why I waited to try AdSense.  It was easy to set up and we had ads running automagically right off the bat.  

Molly:  I know!  I actually wanted to click on some of them but we promised Google we wouldn’t.


Posts:  Our goal is to write at least 20 each month and even with our server down for a few days we hit that goal.

Visitors: 2,144 -out of those 1,407 were ‘unique’ visitors (AKA- new readers)

September we had 1,791 visitors and 1,027 were unique

AdSense:  $11.85 (every time an ad gets viewed we get a fraction of a penny and if it gets clicked we get a few pennies from it)  We’re making $1.50- $2.00 a day since we put up ads.  We’ve got our work cut out for us to build this up to something more than pocket change.

In September we made $2.61 for the month from people viewing our videos on You Tube.


Since mid-October all of you helped us to go from:

50 Facebook fans to 54!

82 Twitter followers to 115!

89 subscribers to 100! (email and RSS)

Our Alexa ranking* went from 477,122 (and 42,892 in the US) to 313,805 (and 29,855 in the US)!

Thanks for coming and reading what we have to say.  To everyone that has mentioned us to a friend or shared us on a social network site here’s a big hug out to you!  All those little things add up to our audience growing.


Linking to other sites makes the algorithm at Google feel warm and fuzzy about us.  Thanks to all of you who are mentioning us out in the blog-o-sphere!  Here’s the top 5 referrers from this past month:

1.   Nicole and Maggie

2.  Budgeting In the Fun Stuff

3.  Minting Nickles

4.  First Gen American

5. Penniless Parenting


Right now we have incoming links from 27 websites

Goals for November:

Nothing too specific yet.  We’ll tighten up our goals as we progress.  For now we’re going to aim to double our readership, incoming links and followers.  We’ll see what that does for our AdSense revenue.  We also want to get our Alexa score under 200,ooo.

Molly:  That would be so sweet!  We told the Yakezie Challenge people we would get under 200k by the end of the year.

Mike: Keep writing baby, keep writing.

*Alexa rating:  It’s a ranking system of over 4 million websites.  If your rank is ’1? it means you are the most popular website on their list and you’re called gmail.  They rank you internationally and within the US. 

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