Who are Mike & Molly?

Hi There!!  We’re Mike and Molly.  We live in a great house just outside of Santa Fe, NM.  It’s a 1984 double-wide but the hitch has been taken off and we’ve spruced it up ree-al nice.  We share it with our two girls, Dumpling and Pistol (not their real names, we’re not hippies…), two dogs, two cats, 6 ducks and an assortment of chickens and bees. We both love to be making, building, sewing and growing stuff.  Better at starting than finishing, we can egg each others’ project ideas on to the point of dysfunction.   Molly likes to tell stories and Mike likes to make things. We switch roles occasionally just to stir it up.

 Coming together in 2003

The Back Story– We met in 2002 through Match.com.  How 21st century of us.  We each had art degrees, a young girl  in tow and a bad marriage behind us.  Within a year we were married and blending the four of us together into our quirky little clan.  We started building our financial life together too.  It didn’t have the best foundation- we are both entrepenuers and willing to take risks without the proper capital.   A few years passed and two businesses had failed to make us fabulously wealthy.  Instead we racked up over $70,000 in debt.  As we got serious about our finances we had to come to terms with the fact that it was time to to radically change our spending habits.

Two years ago we paid off the remaining $35,000 of debt in seven months. That wasn’t easy.  The only way to do it was to throw out the idea of spending money to solve our problems. Instead, we constantly asked ourselves-  How can we live the good life without using money?  This led us to some creative solutions along the way.

Our funny little family

We had to reduce our grocery bill but still wanted to eat well.  We stopped buying processed food, expanded our garden, got chickens and learned to cook everything we eat from scratch (yup, mayonnaise too). It took some work, there were plenty of botched meals and dead plants along the way but dinner time is fantabulous and costs a quarter of what we were spending before.

Molly started a blog in 2009 to talk about the transformation we were going through.  After cutting our expenses in half we realized that rather than feeling deprived we couldn’t be happier.  Now we drive cheap cars, make all our food from scratch and swap clothes with friends.  We re-use almost all of our trash and get our building materials for free.  Life has gotten more interesting and rewarding.

Mike began posting on Instructables and then started a blog in 2010 to share some of the projects he had been working on.  We realized that living creatively and blogging about it was what we each want to be doing so we’ve combined forces to share what’s going on at Mike and Molly’s house.

Currently we’re earning and spending less money than we ever thought possible but,

we’re happy,

have more time,

do what we want.

We like to tinker with life and use our blog as a place to share our successes as well as to reveal the ugly underbelly of our glamorous lifestyle.


You may have noticed that we haven’t posted anything in a while.  Turns out we got busy with life and the blog has not been getting the update love it deserves.  If you’re a new reader feel free to rummage around though.  I’ll bet you find some treasures.  We like to think the topics are timeless,  the information is useful and the stories entertaining.

-Mike & Molly