We eat turkey but we don’t raise turkeys to eat…………..yet.  We’ve thought about it, considered it, turned the idea over and over but haven’t taken the plunge.

Molly:  Turkeys have a reputation of being mean and I don’t like keeping mean animals around that may or may not jump on you.

Mike:  My cousin Joel who raises a few hundred each year in Maine likes them.  He says they are pretty funny and not aggressive, more curious.

Molly: Yeah but they eat a lot!

Mike: True………..Kind of expensive

We did get an opportunity to kill a couple of turkeys this year.  Mommy Shea was talking  to a friend at church who had been raising two turkeys but then had to move to town.  They didn’t have time to process the turkeys which were still at their old house.  Mommy Shea had it all set up.  She’d get us to go down to Albuquerque, pick up the turkeys, drive them back to our house, kill and process them, drive them back down and deliver one to her and one to her friend.  Gotta give Mommy Shea points for coming up with a creative way to get a free turkey. We ducked her generous offer.  It sounded like of a lot of driving and work.  Anyhow the turkey’s free to us no matter where she’s getting it since we’re going down there for Thanksgiving.  (yup, still freeloading in our forties!)

It did get us thinking about the next animal(s) we might want to add to our mini-farm.  Right now Mike is goat sitting for our friends.  They have two miniature goats and one is pregnant.  The friend has offered the kid to us after it’s born.  Making soft goat cheese isn’t that difficult and we just love to eat it.

Molly:  My only problem is the daily chore of milking the goat.  She has to  get milked every day.  The chickens are easy.  In the warmer months I spend every day in their yard but when it gets cold I might do a run by and a ‘hey chickens, how-are-ya-doing-gotta-go it’s dang cold out’.  I can skip a day in other words.

Mike:  Milking the goats is not a big chore and takes about 15 minutes but I hear you.  I’ve been doing it for a week now and it’s already getting old.  So turkeys or goats?

Molly:  I don’t know!  What are some other choices?

Mike:  Cow?

Molly:  Nope.

Mike:  Pig?

Molly:  A big N-O-P-E.

Mike:  Hmm…

Molly:  Peacock!  I’ve always wanted a  peacock!

Pistols peacock drawing

Mike:  Peacocks are expensive and you have to get several peafowl because they are very difficult to sex at birth.  We’d end up with a bunch of females and no males and they are Nois-Ey.

Molly:  Noisy like a warning!  They could be our ‘watch peacocks’.

Mike:  Yeah….watch peacocks, I’m not buying it.   They like to roost in the trees and wander.  Can you say coyote bait?   Are you going to train them to stay in the yard?  I don’t want to build a 30′ tall cage for them.  But what about guinea hens?

Molly:  Wanderers and noisy.  I think the coyotes would have them for dinner in about a minute.

Mike: They are so cool looking though and great bug eaters.

Mike: I guess we’ll wait on any more animals for the time being.

Molly: Yeah I guess…..(Psst… If anyone has a suggestion of what animal we should get next post it on our facebook wall……..Mike never goes there)


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