Tiny the Goat

We’ve been debating the next addition to our mini farm.  When our friend, ‘Goat Girl’, said she needed someone to milk her goat while she was away over Thanksgiving we figured this was a great opportunity to test drive a goat.  We could get our own goat experience without any investment.

Tiny is on the left, her daughter, Mira is on the right

Tiny is on the right, her daughter, Mira is on the left

Molly:  Mike and Goat Girl are good friends so they set it up.  Mike would drive into town every morning, milk the mama goat ‘Tiny’ and keep what he had gathered.

Mike:  I went over several times before they left town to learn how to milk Tiny.  At first I just wasn’t getting it.  This post from Fias Co Farms got me headed in the right direction.

Molly:  I think we were both getting a little worried.  I had figured if you saw a goat in our future I’d go over and learn to milk.  I really didn’t want to do it before then.  The baby goat ‘Mira’ was pregnant.  Goat Girl had mentioned that they newest baby could be ours if we wanted.  The pressure was on!

The milking barn

The milking barn

Mike: When I was learning how to milk her, Tiny would throw a glance back at me now and then that I’m sure was saying “You know how to do this, right?”

Mike milking Tiny

Mike milking Tiny

Tiny is a miniature goat and she only gives 3/4 cup of milk a day.

Come on Tiny!  We love your milk!

Come on Tiny! We love your milk!

After the milking experience we decided that we didn’t need to add another daily chore right now.

Mike:  Tiny was very sweet and maybe there’s a goat in our future someday but I think I would be more inclined if we lived somewhere the goats could just graze most of the year.

Molly:  We have lots of weeds but we’d have to supplement the goat with alfalfa on days like today where we’ve got several inches of snow on the ground.  Currently alfalfa is $10/bale…a little too rich for our blood!  You did have fun though didn’t you?

Mike:  I did, Tiny and I are best friends now.  

Molly:  Thanks to my sister, Lise, who woke up early one morning to join Mike milking the goats.  She was smart enough to grab my camera and capture it all!

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