Polish Roosters- FREE!

I’ve had it!  After keeping chickens for over a decade I have never been inundated with so many roosters as I’ve been over the last year!  I’m not a rooster lover, or should I say I like them only on certain terms which would be my terms: You need to be nice to me and the hens and you don’t crow all day and night.  Most of our roosters don’t agree to my terms and end up in the stew pot…  What?!  At least I know where they came from!

Mike:  I can’t stand the crowing but you know those roosters rarely bother me or the kids when we’re in the chicken yard.

Molly:  That’s cause you’re just a guest to them.  A guest who drops by occassionally to say ‘hi’.  I’m the threat.  I’m in there taking eggs, moving around waterers and feeders, cleaning the poop out.  Those roosters can’t appreciate all my housekeeping, they think I’m invading their territory.

Back in June I drove up north to Espanola  to my most favorite feed store, the Country Supply Feed Store and picked up eight baby Polish chicks.  It’s worth the sixty minute round trip drive for me- they have an amazing selection of all sorts of different breeds of chickens, ducks, guinea hens and turkeys.

An illustrated chart of the different breeds hangs right in the back room where they house all the chicks.  I always ask to see their most unusual breeds of chicks in stock.  A few years back the girls stopped me from buying some Turkens (naked necked chickens) and since then I don’t let them come on my Espanola chicken road trips.

Yep, that's the Turken. The girls said they wouldn't enter the chicken yard if I got one. They are always holding me back!

I always have a few Polish hens around but right now I’m down to only one.  They are a sweet breed that make up for their lackluster egg production by looking so fabulous!

Within 48 hours of arriving, three of my new babies had died.  I was down to five.  Fine, still enough to add ornamentation to my existing brood and two left over to give to my parents.  Their hen numbers were dwindling and Mike and I are responsible for keeping them replenished.  Fast forward twelve weeks and three of them turn out to be the noisiest roosters I’ve ever had!  Mike and I debated holding onto one for breeding but they are just so loud.  (Mike:  ‘No debate there for me.  Noisy chickens have to go!’)

These are two of our Silver Lace Polish that are no longer with us

My 1 year old gray Silkie rooster knows how to stay alive- crow after 5:45am, do it fast and run away from Molly whenever she enters the chicken yard.  The young ones aren’t as worried about their self preservation.  I just went into the chicken yard to pick up the eggs last week and one of the Polish roosters jumped at me.  It’s scary as all get-out when they do that.  He came at me both feet forwards, flapping his wings and propelling his claws into the soft flesh of my shin.  Earlier that morning I had watched him try and mount one of the older hens.  She ran squacking out from under him so fast.  It was if she was saying,” AHHH!!!  Don’t you try any of that funny business kid!  I’ve been around since before you were a glint in your mama’s eye!”  I came promtly into the house and made a post on Craigslist:  FREE roosters!

The three Polish delinquent teenagers are just the begining.  We’ve got two other roosters from our first hatching this Spring.  I don’t think either one has figured out he’s a male yet.  The tell-tale feathers are coming in around their necks and on their backsides but not a crow from either one and I haven’t seen them try mounting the other hens.

The first call I got from my Craigslist ad was from an old-timer up in Peñasco.  It’s a tiny town up in the mountains in Taos County.  After a few pleasantries and clarifying my location he decided he wanted to come pick up a rooster for his 4 hens.  I started giving him directions and he stopped me saying, “Give ’em to my wife, I’m like a donkey.”  What does that even mean?  She got on, laughing, and I told her we were quite a drive away.  She didn’t seem to mind.  The next morning he called back, they’re not coming, it’s too far.  Fine, Bueno-Bye. (That’s good bye in northern New Mexican speak).

I’m stuck with these damn roosters.  I’m NEV-ER getting rid of them!

Anyone want a rooster?  Maybe two? Five?  Did I mention they’re free?

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