Community Gardening

Saturday we ventured into Santa Fe for the first annual tour of our seven local community gardens.   This event was a co-effort from the Santa Fe Community Gardens and Home Grown Santa Fe.  Amy from Home Grown Santa Fe is truly a force.  She has turned her hobby into a movement!  I know there were many people that made this happen but we have to do a super-duper shout out to Amy- she’s like Wonder Woman!!

It’s a great idea and it was a lot of fun; so much fun we only made it to four out of the seven gardens.

Mike:  Molly can be a bit of a chatty Kathy.

Molly:  OMG, you were SO chattie-chat-chat.  Don’t put it all on me (this time) !

Mike:  Whatever…   Do you remember who had the best line of the afternoon?

Molly:  Was it the guy who grew up on a sheep farm in Southern NM?  

Mike: Yeah, one year there was a drought so they had to sell their ‘in town’ house to get money to feed their sheep. From then on his mom would refer to it as ‘The year the sheep ate my house.’!

The weather in NM is always a challenge!  Luckily we haven’t had to sell our house to keep the garden going.  Yet…

The pictures really speak for themselves so lets both of us just shut up and let people take a look.

Frenchie’s Field Community Garden


Maclovia Community Garden


Milagro Community Garden


Railyard Community Garden


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