Top 5 Fantasy Lives

Do you ever want to be someone else or have a different life?  I do…..What?!  Did I just say a bad word?

I’m not saying I have a bad life or want to trade it all in but sometimes it would be great to go be me but totally different. Back in April I read a very funny post on Top 5 Fantasy Lives.  I thought it was  Little Hen House who had written it but I couldn’t find it in her archive and when I emailed her she said, ‘ No she didn’t post that’.  Any-hoo!  If you’re out there, it was funny and here’s my version! » » »

Grooming the Dogs

A few years ago Mike and I were cutting our expenses back and deciding what was a want and what was a need.  One particular expense line item we got stuck on was:

Dog grooming -$100 every three months.

$400 dollars a year to keep our two pups pretty and trimmed (or at least not completely mangey and dreadlocked).  We really wanted every dime possible to go towards paying off our debt but both of us hated to groom the dogs…and they didn’t care for us to do it to them either.  Having someone else groom them was not a need but we really really wanted it to be.

Mike and I split most of the chores around here.  We’ve been lucky that the things he doesn’t like to do I don’t mind doing and vice versa.  Dog grooming was something neither one of us enjoyed.  There was no flipping the coin on this one either because it takes two people to accomplish this task.  Now for those of you trying to solve our problem as you read this (cause that’s what I’d be doing).  You’re probably thinking: ‘Duh, don’t groom them’,… it’s not an option.  Both of our dogs have hair not fur.  Their hair grows like humans…it doesn’t stop. » » »

Move More, Eat Less

A month ago I announced I was trying to shave a few pounds off.  My long term objective is to ‘move more, eat less’ everyday.  Short term, I’m jump starting the process by cutting my calories way back and exercising more so that I can lose 10 lbs in 3 months.  My goal is to go from 36%  to 27% body fat.

My starting weight was 157 lbs.  At 5’8” it’s on the top end of the BMI healthy scale.  Losing 10 lbs puts me right in the middle.  At my goal weight I feel less bloated and stronger.  I feel stronger because to keep at that weight I have to work out consistently, so it’s a win-win.

Body image is a strange thing for women.  I feel lucky because I think have a pretty positive body image of myself.  Lucky, because as a dancer it goes against the dance culture to actually think you look good (especially if you are not stick thin, which I rarely was).  Last year I wrote a post on my own myths and one of them was about my body image.  I walk around thinking/feeling that I am a taller thinner version of who I actually am. » » »

Round Up 11/11 Frugal, Financial and FuN-kY

Molly’s newest fave blog is Impluse Save.  They have a great animation video with pigs, turkeys and gold coins.

Molly: I’m in the midst of my own animation and this one inspired me!

Turkey Talks from ImpulseSave on Vimeo.

Molly: They have a writing contest going.  The winner gets a $500- 10 post contract.  Any takers? » » »

Crafty Round Up 11/4

Mike:  This week Molly pulled out three sewing machines (I know- who owns three sewing machines?), several tubs of fabric and threw together a sewing class for a few of her friends.  Neither one of us has sewn much in the last year so it was fun to watch her in her element.  I came out to watch and within minutes she had me helping out!  Come on, honey!  I just wanted to visit with the ladies!

Molly:  It was super fun!  We’re making aprons.  I’ll post the instructions in a few weeks so that our readers can make their own fancy apron.

The Queen of all the sewing machines

Mike:  Since the crafty energy is pulsing through our house we thought it would be a good week to share some crafty links. » » »

A Bike for Mike

I got a bike last week.

Only the front brake works.

It has exactly five gears.

I don’t own it.

Man it’s heavy

Mike's Bike

When I get on it I’m nine years old riding up the big hill and I’ve got a sandwich for later.

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Halloween Miscellaney

When the girls were little we used to make elaborate costumes for them.  Anymore they want us far away from their Halloween.  We’re waaaay too embarrassing.

Halloween 2004

Halloween 2004- the year of the bought costumes

Molly:  When Pistol was about 6 she started begging for a ‘bought’ costume.  We did it and I loved the fact that every wearing she would alter the costume so that by the end of Halloween week her perfect purchased costume had morphed into something totally homemade! » » »

Just Keep Running

Running Molly

From 2009- I can keep a smile on my face for the first mile.

I have a love/hate relationship with running.  For a long time it was mostly hate.  At my high school if you were a senior and went out for any sport you could automatically ‘letter’ in it without having to make varsity or even be good at it.  My older sister turned me on to this (although she is a natural athlete).  I think she found out about it when she was looking for ways to fluff out her college applications.  I can’t really remember her reasoning (hopefully she reads this and pipes in!).  I decided I would go out for track.  My close friends were on the track team so I was already hanging out at the meets.  I figured I might as well get a uniform and a letter out of it. » » »

Server Down!

This past month we’ve had some server host problems.  This week it came to a head and we’ve been offline more than on.  We are working with our hosting service to remedy this but until we are sure its resolved we will be taking a few days off.

We’ve got our fingers crossed that everything will be copacetic by Monday.

We will be back!

Server Down!


Updates and Giveaway Winner!

It’s time to announce the winner of our first giveaway!  Last Tuesday, October 11th,  we told you all about NM chile.  It’s a delicious spicy veggie that New Mexicans cannot live without.

Red chile

Molly:  I was very sleepy this morning and just wanted to pick a winner.  Mike wouldn’t let me.

Mike:  Nope, we’ve got to be fair.  It wasn’t a big deal to make a spreadsheet of  entries and let  pick us a winner.

And the winner is….. » » »