Mouse In Our House

You know we try and keep it all romantic around here at Mike and Molly’s House but sometimes we just gotta peel away a few layers…

You may have read how the mice moved into the yurt but that’s only one of the places they like to move  in to.  Each fall they move into our house.  Moving in is not even an accurate description; they are brought in…alive!

We have two cats.  The older one is our beloved black cat, Buji, who is a beautiful sleek panther like cat.  He loves adventure and spends most of his time outside running up and down trees catching and eating mice and gophers.  I’ve attached a melange of bells on his neck to keep him from eating all the birds in our yard.  Our younger cat, Kitten-AKA; Splat-AKA; Little SH*T, Mike found in a drainpipe while taking classes at the community college a few years back.  Strange thing is Mike is not the kind of guy that picks up strays…stray materials-yes, but not stray animals.  He did this particular time and now we have this chubby cat who swats at you when you pass by her.  Try and give her a scratch on her belly and she will rip you to shreds.  She mostly hangs out with the dogs…in the house…on the couch…sleeping.  If Archie is on my lap she will hop up and sit on his head.  Archie just sits there not moving.  She has one special talent…catching live mice, bringing them into the house and dropping them on the floor.  Once dropped they scurry off under something.  She takes  a few sniffs at whatever they are under, shrugs and heads out to get another one.

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2nd Annual Kitchen Garden and Coop Tour


Does your town have a chicken coop tour?  I love that they are becoming all the rage.  People are embracing the idea of backyard chickendry as the norm rather than something their eccentric neighbor does.  My friend Doug  just emailed us this article on how the crazy nutty folks in Davis, CA do their coop tour.

This Sunday, July 29th from 9am-2pm Homegrown New Mexico and Edible Santa Fe are presenting this year’s event showcasing seven gardens and coops.  It’s not too late to check out these exceptional properties and get some inspiration.  You can just show up and buy tickets on the spot.  All proceeds go to keeping Homegrown New Mexico’s classes free!   Last year we were out of town and missed it, darn it (stamping feet) but this year we will be there.

What?  What’s that you asked?  Why aren’t we on the tour? Well, we live outside of Santa Fe city limits.  We’d be the firefly ship on the outerboundries.  We are helping out as the camera crew though so we hope to see your smiling faces along the tour!

Does your town have a coop tour?  I’d love to hear about it!!  If you do have one link it in the comments or email us.


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Battery Indicator = Charged

We said we’d be gone a couple weeks.  It’s been a month and we’re leaving on Thursday for a vacation.  Oh nuts!  We’d better put something up before y’all figure we’ve given up the ghost (at least bloggingly).

We're back!

Molly:Weeee’re BaAAAack Peeps!!

Mike: That’s right! We needed some time to get some perspective on what we’re doing here at Mike and Molly’s House in internetland but we’re back with a sackful of stuff to share with you guys.

We both really like what we’ve created and love the feedback we keep getting from the community of like minded people that we’ve discovered through blogging and going out into the world as “Mike and Molly”.  It truly has changed our lives for the better (much better… a heartfelt thanks everyone).  We’re also realizing that full time blogging as an income plan is probably not all that realistic.

Pistol & Dumpling (in unison): Told you so!

Mike & Molly: Dang it!

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A Little Break…


159 posts!

We need a little bit of a break to recharge our creative batteries.

Mike planting

A few things we dream about doing more of… » » »

Installing Bees

Late May is a busy time of the year around here.  The last frost usually falls between Mother’s Day and the beginning of June so there’s all sorts of  planting/ transplanting going on.  The girls are wrapping up school and we’re out almost every evening with a recital, awards ceremony or some other wrap-up-the-year event.

Late May is also when the bees come.  No, they’re not migrating.  They arrive at the Post Office.  We order our bees from Wolf Creek Apiaries in Tennessee.  By now their bee season has been in full swing for months.  Ours is just getting started.  We’ve had the early flush of fruit trees flowering but the bulk of our flowers won’t be coming out till June on. » » »

Lame Marriage Proposals (yes plural)

This story was inspired after reading Lori Dyans post on getting engaged to her husband.  If you don’t read her already go check her out.  She is a LAUGH-A-RIOT!

I’ve been around the block once or twice or probably maybe a third or fourth time-but who’s really counting, and yes,  Mom and Dad you did not hear that from me.  I just finished up the 50 Shades of Grey series (stop laughing!!! I love good soft mommy-porn!) and ever since I started the first book I can’t stop thinking about my romantic life from the age of 19- 25 yrs old….When I think of it in one entire lump I realize what a mess it (I) was.  I was not the prettiest girl but I excelled at personality and I could (Mike: can) flirt like nobodies business.  It’s like a gift from the ‘not the prettiest’ goddess from above.  The end result was I had options…I went out with a string of men guys boys. » » »

Ashley Judd, I Feel Your Pain!

Every since I took my new job as project manager a couple weeks ago (yep, I picked up some side work) I’ve been feeling somewhat conflicted.  It feels good to earn money at something that I’m good at and needed for but it’s taken my focus away from writing for the blog.  I’m working part time and find it difficult to switch gears between two consuming projects.

One way that I can feel connected to the blog is to do the housekeeping that goes along with it.  Spending time reading other blogger’s articles and commenting, entering blog hops and looking at the numbers of people coming to our site are some quick ways I can connect to what is going on in our corner of the blog-o-sphere.

The other day I was looking at our numbers and I saw a big spike in people coming in from Pinterest.  When I looked further I saw they were coming from one person who had re-pinned one of the photos from our ‘How to Make Steamed Buns’ post.  Hmmm…..interesting but why the tremendous spike?  The post had been up for a month at least.  Then I scrolled down to the comments…OMG!  They were making commentary about the fingernails holding the steamed bun  in the picture!!!   There were two camps.  One was, ‘Look at those dirty nails’ while the other was, ‘Don’t you have something better to do than judge people?’ » » »

A Little Help From our Friends


show and tell post

Sometimes you’re cruising along through life and you see someone else doing something so appropriate that it makes you pause and rethink things.  I’m not talking about suddenly changing religions or switching from a carnivore to a vegan but more like you just got a gentle nudge that may send you off in an unexpected direction.

A big part of what Molly and I have been focusing on in the past couple years is really trying to shed our preconceptions of how one is supposed to live.  Exploring crazy ideas rather than shooting them down because they don’t match the templates for success that we hold them up to.  Doing our various challenges are ways we can buck our trends and pop out of some ruts we were so used to that we didn’t even see them anymore.  Embracing the uncertain because that’s where our rudders are guiding us. » » »

Chicken Incidents

A few weeks ago we got excited about building a niche site as a supplementary source of income.  In the process of researching internet marketing we got exposed to the idea of affiliate marketing. Essentially we bring customers to a site or product and if they end up making a purchase then we get a commission.  Seemed like a good idea.  Molly researched a few different products and we wrote to them to get samples.  One thing we don’t want to do is steer people to crappy products.  We’re so glad we did that because a bunch of them were not worth mentioning and didn’t make the cut.  One that did though was the Chicken DIY Guide.  Yup that’s it right there to your right.   » » »

Round Up-Money & Style

Both of us love chocolate and only Andrew over at 101 Centavos could take that love and break down the investment strategies behind it.  Very good article…

Squirreler pipes up all about the  Girl Scout cookie.  His attitude about selling cookies in the workplace have changed now that his daughter is a Girl Scout- it’s very humorous.

Molly:  When I was a Girl Scout there was this one girl that sold the most cookies every year.  I hated her because her mom would sell them out of her beauty salon-she didn’t have to do any work!  While I trudged door to door this girl sat on her ass and did nothing!!

 Mike: We just sold light bulbs in the Boy Scouts.  Lots of trudging and you couldn’t even eat them. » » »