Pie Party Trivets

2011 piefest

One of the benefits of having our birthdays so close together is that we have the perfect excuse to have one big annual party.  We both like throwing parties built around an activity; we used to host a pumpkin carving party.  It only made sense given the time of the year.  It was a great family event where battery powered saws and knives were pulled out- Fun for all!  After five years of the pumpkin party we decided to try something new.  Last year we came up with a new theme.  A pie baking contest. » » »

Animating Mike and Molly


Way back in May, Molly and I were brainstorming about what we wanted our new combined blog to look like.   We spent a lot of time looking at websites and discussing what we did or didn’t like about them.  It’s was one of those I don’t know what I want but that’s not it sort of situations. We knew we wanted something slick but not too slick, we’re not a corporation.  We wanted something crafty and home made but not crude and crappy.  Our website needed to visually express our ‘message’ (whatever that was going to be) in a way that was memorable and entertaining. » » »

Plastic Bottle Planters

plastic bottle planters

These plastic bottle planters are free and easy!

Around here we are always trying to find a second (or third or fourth) life for things before we recycle them or turn them into papercrete.  I haven’t achieved the Johnson family’s success on not taking things into the house in the first place but a girl needs an aspiration!  I came across this planter idea earlier this summer and just absolutely loved it!  It’s reusing a plastic bottle and giving it a new life. » » »

Laundry Soap Recipe

I have sucky super sensitive skin.  Any additives in laundry soap makes my skin break out in hives and eczema type reactions.  After trying all the detergents with no added anything I found started experimenting making my own laundry soap.   What I came up with is what I believe is the best laundry soap recipe.

Ingredients for homemade laundry soap

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