DIY Honey Lip Balm

Today I’m talking lips.  Out here in the desert it’s dry (I know, big surprise).  The lips seem to be the first thing to go when you come here from humid parts of the country.   The skin on your lips can get destroyed quickly.  A few hours out in the wind can leave them dry and chapped for days. I’ve learned that being a little proactive has helped prevent my lips from going from luscious to cracked and peeling!

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Softie Owl

My softie owl

I know, isn’t it adorable! » » »

Ravioli Daze

Last spring I got into making ravioli.  After the the first session of cutting them out by hand a ravioli press sounded really really good.

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DIY Table Runners

sewing materials

I like a sewing project that I can do in under an hour.  It’s kind of my gauge for what projects I want to do or not.  I also like to batch projects.  For example, I have this great wrap dress I’ve designed that I can knock out in about 45 minutes.  I like to make three at a time.  I’ll cut them all out and sew them up in assembly line fashion.  Recently I did this for some table runners.

Table runners are a great ‘Molly’ project.  They are as simple as can be or as fancy as you have time for. » » »

How To Make Re-usable Bags

Mike and I love to make these bags for gifts and…let’s just be honest…we have about a dozen of our very own!

Mike and Molly's re-usable bags

Here’s how to make re-usable bags: » » »

Snowflake Coasters


After making the gear coasters I decided I’d better get into the holiday spirit and the snowflake coasters were born. » » »

How to Make a Tablet Stand

Last year I got tablet fever.  An iPad with a starting price of $500 was out of the question for me.  If I was going to get anything I wanted to have internet access so I had refrained from buying a Kindle.  Color would be nice too.  I found out that you could convert a Pandigital book reader to an android tablet.  I didn’t really need another computer.  I have a laptop that works just fine.

Didn’t matter.

I wanted one. » » »

Cleaning the House-Homemade Stylin’

About two years ago I  started making my own laundry soap.  At the time I also stopped purchasing commercially made cleaning products and started making my own.   There were two reasons:

1) It’s cheaper

2) I wanted less ‘stuff’ in my laundry closet.

We don’t have much storage space in our house.  To get into the laundry/cleaning closet you have to wedge past coats and reach into the nether-lands for a cleaning product because it’s also the coat closet.  Over the  years I’ve organized it and reorganized it but it came down to- I needed fewer cleaning products.

Cleaning the house is a family activity 🙂  We all love it!  Every other Sunday(yes, we wait that long), we rock some weird French pop station from the internet and get our house cleaning on! » » »

Why I should be crowned ‘Queen of Baking Soda’

baking soda queen (aka BS Queen)

Dear Arm & Hammer,

You are baking soda.  I know of no other.  A household name and so well respected, your baking soda is a miracle.  No, really, I’m not exaggerating.  You improve my life every day!

How can I count the ways?



bathroom scrubber

oven cleaner » » »

Gear Coasters

My friend Rick is a talented craftsman and tinkerer.  Among other things, he’s made a career out of  making artificial rocks.  I know!  Who woulda’ thunk you could have a career making fake rocks!  If you’ve been to the New Orleans Zoo you’ve seen his work.  A few months ago we started an inventors club.   Really it’s just some time set aside each week for experimenting and tinkering.  Lately I’ve been working on Rick to get him excited about CNC routers.  A CNC router is a router that is controlled by a computer. You can use it to very accurately cut out 2D and 3D shapes that are drawn on a computer.  Think of it as a wood cutting robot. » » »