The Blind Chicken

Some of you know about our Blind Chicken but for those of you that don’t, let me give you a little background.

The Blind Chicken

We have a six year old Americana  (OK, she’s really an Easter Egger) chicken.  About 3 years ago I was in the chicken yard and noticed she was staying close under my feet.  Something wasn’t quite right, she ran into a wall and was clearly surprised it was there.  I called Mike out to watch her run into things and sure enough her eyes were cloudy and she appeared to be only able to see shadows.  From that day on we called her ‘The Blind Chicken’.  We’re not real big on naming our chickens around here.  It goes back to when the girls were small.  Each Spring I would order 25 chicks.  The girls would coo and cuddle these fluffy little chicks and name one, maybe two.  Inevitably a few days later that would be the chick that died.  Dumpling had a crying fit one day on the way to school and wouldn’t calm down until we promised to bury and hold a proper funeral for this dead chick.  Everyone agreed, no more names…. » » »

The Benefits of a Beehive

A few weeks ago we gave you the low-down on why we started beekeeping.  We knew nothing about beekeeping when we decided to become beekeepers.  In the months before our first hives arrived we found ourselves pouring over every book on the subject we could find.  We also attended a day long workshop for beginning beekeepers.  One of the big surprises about keeping bees was the amazing assortment of things we could harvest from the beehive besides honey.  We’ve done a brief overview; if you’d like to go more in depth, click on the heading of each title.


Benefits of the Beehive

Honey from our first year

 The taste of honey will differ depending on the time of year and what type of nectar the bees are bringing in. It’s a simple sugar (glucose and frutose) that contains enzymes and antioxidants.

Mike: Did you know honey is actually bee vomit?

Molly: Yeah, thanks for reminding me.  Technically it is but they have a special stomach just for honey making.   I have a spoonful every morning and cleanse my face with honey.  It’s a humectant and has antibacterial qualities. My skin has never been more balanced or healthy since I started using it a year ago.  Before I started using it I was having redness and dry skin.  I was spending more and more money on products that were organic and expensive but none of it helped. » » »

Dear Flowers,

Dear Flowers,

Thank you for coming out this year.  With little hope for water I know many of you decided to stay away and I really don’t blame you.  For those of you that took the plunge and grew up tall and colorful I just want you to know I appreciate  all your efforts.  It’s getting cold so I will say adieu!

P.S.  I hope the bees didn’t tickle you too much when they were doing their ‘thing’.


» » »

The Vegetable Harvest

This was going to be so easy.  Just plop a few pictures and and BAM! there’s a great post about this year’s vegetable harvest!  Not so fast turbo, it took hours to sort through all the images from the garden this year.  We have a tendency to take a few too many pictures.

Molly:  It took me all week to go through the pictures and make the decision if the photo stays or goes.  It was a lot of pressure.

Mike:  That was a lot of pressure?  I think you may want to go back to work so you can remember what intense pressure really feels like.

Molly:  I know, I know!  When I have more time and fewer projects I can get a little bit finicky.  Building someone’s dream home within budget and time constraints seems so simple from this distance.

Mike:  Hmmm,…. » » »

Adventures in Beekeeping

Combed Honey

Two years ago we decided to become beekeepers.

Molly:  I think I came home from work one night after talking to some women who wanted to start keeping bees and said wouldn’t it be fun if…

Mike:  and I ran with it? » » »

Community Gardening

Saturday we ventured into Santa Fe for the first annual tour of our seven local community gardens.   This event was a co-effort from the Santa Fe Community Gardens and Home Grown Santa Fe.  Amy from Home Grown Santa Fe is truly a force.  She has turned her hobby into a movement!  I know there were many people that made this happen but we have to do a super-duper shout out to Amy- she’s like Wonder Woman!!

It’s a great idea and it was a lot of fun; so much fun we only made it to four out of the seven gardens. » » »

Community Garden Tour This Weekend

This one is for all of our local folk.  The rest of you will just have to imagine…   Homegrown New Mexico and Santa Fe Community Gardens are co-hosting a community garden tour this Saturday.

We’re going.

Are you?

» » »

Polish Roosters- FREE!

I’ve had it!  After keeping chickens for over a decade I have never been inundated with so many roosters as I’ve been over the last year!  I’m not a rooster lover, or should I say I like them only on certain terms which would be my terms: You need to be nice to me and the hens and you don’t crow all day and night.  Most of our roosters don’t agree to my terms and end up in the stew pot…  What?!  At least I know where they came from! » » »

Vegetable Gardening 2011

Every year I try to do some vegetable gardening.  Some years more than others.  We’ve been wanting to get more food production going here on the M&M mini-farm.  After putting in a couple cold frames in last year.  I really wanted to go big this year.  I set up some indoor lights to start lots and lots of plants this winter/early spring.   As soon as the ground thawed enough to dig I expanded our gardening area by 150%.  I built raised beds all along the back fence as well as another large freestanding bed in front of them.  All the shoveling and dirt moving nearly killed me but it was worth it. » » »